Keeping your house clean and tidy seems like a constant battle of homeownership. From the moment you place your offer on your dream home, there are many things you need to do to stay organised with your cleaning efforts and ensure a safe space for the family.

One particular part of the house which can often go neglected is your windows. Your windows are an important feature of the home because this is how bright natural light penetrates into the home. When maintaining a healthy and clean house, ensuring the windows are spick and span is important because when they are left for too long mould can form.

Today we want to go through step by step the best way to clean your windows in order to maintain shiny and clear windows all year long.

Start with soapy water

Whether you have just installed your brand new set from a local window company or you are cleaning your old windows for the first time in a while – the first step is an important one. Soapy water might not be the obvious when cleaning windows, however before you use a squeegee on your windows it is important to get the majority of the dirt and grime off. Start with some washing up liquid in warm water, and use a cloth to wipe over your windows and give them a scrub. This will help get rid of any mold, streaks, or pet paw prints. Once this stage is done, fill a new bucket with JUST water and use a clean cloth to rinse the windows.

Disinfect the frame

Once you have wiped down the windows with a cloth, it is time to disinfect the frame and seals to ensure any mold dies. Use your favourite disinfectant or antibacterial spray and wipe down the surfaces. This will leave you with a clean and sterile surface for your next stage.

Spray window cleaner

Now is finally the time to break out the window cleaning spray and use your squeegee to clean the windows. When choosing a window cleaner you have two options – you can buy an eco-friendly cleaner from the store, which offers discounted cleaning supplies, or you can make your own by mixing water with white vinegar and some lemon juice. The benefit of the latter is that this can be used as a multipurpose cleaner all over the house and it will also prevent mould.


Now that you have sprayed your windows down, it’s time for the most satisfying part of your window cleaning process! Before you take downward or sideward strokes, consider the streaks this can leave behind. The best way to clean your windows is by starting on the left or right-hand side, and as you start to stroke along with the window, rotate the squeegee 90 degrees so it is facing down. For smaller windows, doing this from left to right and visa versa should be enough. For larger windows, making S shapes can work too. If you’re not so fond of doing all of these, you may want to get in touch with a Window Cleaning company that could do all of these for you.

Nevertheless, if you’re planning to do it yourself, then the idea is not to make straight lines where streaks can form. Always keep a sponge or cloth nearby as after each stroke you’ll want to wipe off the squeegee to prevent the extra product from getting on the window. Now you know how to clean your windows properly, go and make your home bright, clean, and sparkling this week!