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The Best Advice You Need For Italian Citizenship By Descent Claim

If you have ancestral roots in Italy, you are at the best place to explore immigration opportunities in the country. The country provides a descent route for people claiming citizenship, so getting in will be easy for you. But you cannot take things for granted because even minor errors and omissions can cause delays or even rejection for your application. You can visit for understanding more about the Jure Sanguinis process. Further, you can follow some helpful advice from experts to expedite Italian citizenship by descent claim. Here are some valuable insights that can help.

Stay ahead of eligibility requirements

The basis of the Jure Sanguinis process is your eligibility, so make sure you stay ahead of your requirements. Things are relatively straightforward if one or both of your parents are Italians. But you may have to verify some facts if applying through a distant ancestor in your bloodline. Firstly, they should have been an Italian citizen after 1861, the year of unification and formation of the country. Secondly, they shouldn’t have given up citizenship by naturalization to another country before having their child. 

Know how to deal with exceptions

Another fact you must know is to deal with exceptions. You may come into an exceptional category when applying through a female ascendant. If she gave birth before 1948, you cannot claim through the conventional Jure Sanguinis process. But you can still deal with the situation by applying through a court process under the 1948 Rule. You have an option to get in, but the path differs.

Get your documents ready before application

Experts suggest that you should get your documents ready before applying. It is perhaps the most daunting aspect of the citizenship by descent process. You have a long checklist of documents to gather, and some have to be collected from your ancestor’s comune in Italy. Even the non-Italian ones have to be translated and apostilled. Both ways, things can get cumbersome. Having your documents in place before applying can save both time and effort.

Collaborate with a citizenship expert

Collaborating with a citizenship expert is another valuable tip that can make the journey easy for you. Beyond guiding you with the process, experts can use their local connections to help you procure your ancestor’s documents. They can also double-check your paperwork to ensure no errors and omissions. When everything is flawless, you have better chances of getting through at the earliest. 

Be patient as you wait for your appointment

The good thing about the process is that you can apply at your local Italian consulate. While collecting your paperwork can be challenging, the wait for your consulate appointment is also tough. Most consulates have long queues of immigration applications, so you may have to wait for several months or even a year. Being patient is the best option you have as you wait for your turn.

Following these helpful pieces of advice can take you a long way towards achieving your citizenship by descent goal. The best option is to have an expert create a roadmap for you.  

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