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Reasons You Need to Buy Food Processors and These Other Appliances

In a perfect world, everyone who loves to cook should be able to buy whatever kitchen appliance and tools they want to try to master a recipe, all types of cuisine, or a cooking technique. But since these things do cost money, we prioritize the tools we’re going to buy first. 

If you’re thinking about the next appliance you’d want to invest in, this list should help you make the decision a whole lot easier: 


For parents who work at home and need to cook from scratch, people who love stews, or just anybody else who prefer to cook while multitasking, these kitchen appliances should be on your list: 

  • Pressure cooker – If you cook meat regularly, the pressure cooker helps you soften it up without the need to be around the stove throughout the process. Just put the meat and other ingredients into the cooker and let it do its thing. 
  • Electric egg cooker – For households who cannot get enough hard-boiled eggs, you no longer need to keep a pot boiling anymore. This electric kitchen appliance does the steaming for you with a press of a button.
  • Microwave oven – Everyone should have a microwave oven that helps with defrosting, reheating, and other cooking methods. Because there’s a timer for all the preset tasks, there is virtually zero chance to burn food. 
  • Rice cooker – It doesn’t matter if you’re late in the game, but if you just discovered your love for rice, then you definitely should invest in a good rice cooker. 
  • Multicooker – A multicooker is more expensive than your typical crockpot because it works as your pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, and more. Some even let you make yogurt from scratch in them. 
  • Slowcooker – As its name suggest, the slow-cooker or “crock pot” lets you simmer food at a lower (yet consistent) temperature, so you could end up with food that has kept its moisture intact. 
  • Breadmaker – The modern breadmakers are heaven-sent for bread lovers. Yes, even if you have zero baking skills, you’ll be able to churn out loaf after loaf with ease because the breadmaker will do everything for you. You’d just have to feed it the ingredients and make sure to remember to get it out when ready. 


If you’re like me and you love to cook, but hate the prep work, you should invest in a food processor, especially for easy vegetable cutting. This device could literally change how you see food prep since it could cut, slice, grate, shred and dice fruits and vegetables for you. 

Food processors come in different sizes, so pick based on your household’s needs, your kitchen space, and your budget. If you cook for big groups, go with the standard-sized food processor. If you’re only cooking for 1 or 2, the smaller model will do just fine. 

  • Mandoline: If you don’t have the funds yet, you can always buy a mandoline slicer temporarily. It’s a tool that slices, dices, and shreds veggies, but you’d have to exert some effort manually. 
  • Immersion blender: This handheld tool works similar to an old-school blender, so it could mash and blend food then turn them into soups, spreads, salsas, and so on. 
  • Electric kettle: You might wonder why you’ll need this for food prep, but once you begin using it, you’ll understand that you can save a TON of time by using boiled water for any recipe that requires simmering. It also melts ingredients faster without taking up the space of your stove. 


Other cool kitchen gadgets that aren’t really necessities, but are good to have around include: 

  • Air fryer – No longer a fad gadget, this kitchen appliance continues to be an in-demand product because it works in giving users an oil-less option to cook fried foods. 
  • Breakfast station – If your kitchen has minimal countertop space, the breakfast station works as your device for making coffee, toast, eggs, and bacon simultaneously. This could definitely save a ton of time during busy mornings.
  • Waffle or sandwich maker – For those who do have a lot of kitchen space, a waffle maker or sandwich maker can give you more options for breakfast or snacks. This is ideal for households with kids. 
  • Electric griddle – Barbecue indoors whenever you feel like it, without the need to check if the weather will accommodate your craving for smoked meat. 
  • Espresso machine – Any coffee lover dreams of not just a coffee maker, but an actual barista’s espresso machine that drips espresso like a cafe right in the middle of your kitchen. This can be pricey, but if you have the funds, an espresso machine is definitely a splurge worth every cent. 

If you have all the budget in the world, make sure to check out the smart kitchen appliances. These awesome devices not only connect to your phone (and to the internet) but connect with other smart appliances as well.

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