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How Psychological Empowerment Helps You Overcome Distress


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Have you ever felt a fire in your belly that gave you the energy to conquer all the obstacles in your path, both personally and professionally? 


If so, you were in a different state of consciousness. You were probably accessing what spiritual teachers often call “the source” or “the unmanifested.” This is the part of you that’s separate from your mind. It’s a kind of raw consciousness that seems to generate almost infinite power for those who can access it. 


The problem is, how do you actually get to this empowered state? What are the secrets? 


The key here is to realize that being a powerful human being isn’t just something reserved for other people. Everyone can access it — or at least has the potential to do so. 


Unfortunately, only a small fragment of individuals ever do. Most never learn the tools and, therefore, never get away from their problems. 


The trick here is to let go of the mind. Once you stop thoughts, emotions and pain from holding you back, you suddenly feel your energy liberated. You’re able to go out into the world and pretty much accept whatever comes your way, good or bad. Being in touch with the source of being is protection or a cheat code to life. Suddenly, what seemed difficult is now easy as you feel like you can take on more. 


In this post, we take a look at how psychological empowerment helps you overcome distress. 


It Reminds You Of Your Own Strength


Most people are far stronger than they give themselves credit for. They believe that they are weak because of stories generated by their minds. But when put to the test, it turns out that they are much stronger.


Psychological empowerment is a way of manifesting this strength most of the time. It’s what helps people get over drugs and come out of American Addiction Centers a new person. It’s this energy that they connect to that propels them forwards to the inner life that they want. 


It Lets You Create More Value

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While searching for peace is okay, many people would like to go beyond mere comfort. They’d like to create a solid peaceful base and then go out into the world and create value. 


That’s precisely what psychological empowerment allows you to do. It gets you out of your skin and into the world, allowing you to enjoy new things and have new experiences. It’s what enables great entrepreneurs to succeed in their businesses when people around them fail. 


It Reminds You That You’re Bigger Than Your Mind

Lastly, psychological empowerment reminds you that you’re bigger than your mind. While it continually harasses you with thoughts and unwanted emotions, you eventually learn to see them for what they are. They are distractions and attempts by the ego to bring you down. They’re not actually the essence of your being or personhood. And they don’t help you. They’re like a bad friend who is always criticising and never supporting you.

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