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Eye Makeup Tips to Enhance Hooded Eyes

Every type of eye is beautiful in its unique way. There would be nothing to admire if all people had the same type of eyes. By adding a little makeup, every eye type looks gorgeous beyond expectation. Hooded eyes have their lid space less visible. Its skin droops from the eyebrow bone to the crease area.

Due to this, some eye makeup might seem off the hook. To bring out the unique beauty of hooded eyes, you will require more tricks. Fortunately, you have your brow bone, lashes, and the visible upper lid area that will play out all the tricks.

Pop your eyes out with DIY false lash extensions

Your hooded eyes shape makes them look as though they have no crease. The crease only becomes visible if you blink or close your eyes. The receded area also makes your lashes look shorter than they are because the upper lash line recedes too.

DIY false lashes extension will add life to your natural lashes by making them look longer. You can order the best DIY false lashes for hooded eyes from Lilac St., Eyelure, Camara, Mac or Sweed. If you go for Lilac St. quality lashes for hooded eyes, you get unique choices at affordable prices. Whatever quality you choose from the store, like Hollywood extensions, DIY extensions, and Ardell Wispies, will fit well with your natural lashes to last for many days.

Identify the perfect place to apply makeup

This point is direct and obvious with other types of eyes, but with hooded eyes, you have to be sure about the area where your lid creases. Most people with hooded eyes complain their makeup is not visible when their eyes are open.

Your entire lid is not hooded but has plenty of space that is always visible. This is the area that should carry the most makeup. The hooded are have their share of makeup but a different shade.

Fake a crease

The absence of a crease is a plus to you because you can create a fake crease that is dramatic. The right makeup will do the trick by creating an illusion that tells other people you have a specially created lid.

Your eyeshadow color for the crease should be darker matte to make your natural crease contrast with your fake crease. It is okay to add a liner using a pencil eyeliner to draw the line, starting with the outer corner and drawing to the inner edge.

You can also look for eyelid strips for droopy eyes, which can help in creating a crease on your eyelid and make you look a bit younger. Products like Contours Rx Lids By Design or similar eye enhancement items could be placed on your eyelid to reduce wrinkles and provide your eyes with temporary uplift. After using such a product, you can do your eye makeup for an exotic and young look.

Blend the fake crease

Don’t wait for the fake crease to dry out. Soften it with a light blending brush by brushing towards the brow bone. Let the lower part of the line remain precise because it is the defining line. Use your makeup remover and cotton swabs to remove any makeup that spreads too much.

Apply eyeshadow on the visible part of the upper lid

When your eyes are open, your natural crease will automatically recede, leaving the upper part of the lid well visible. Keep your eyes open to avoid messing with the crease, as you have already worked on this part.

Get a wider brush and apply eyeshadow on the visible part of the lip, making sure you have done several layers. If you apply makeup to your hooded part, your eyes will look droopy. Add color by blending the first layer with another color. Work on one eye at a time and clean the excesses with makeup remover.

Highlight under the arch of the brow only

Avoid highlighting the entire brow bone. It will appear to be sagged and puffed. Use a highlighter and apply only on the area under the arch of your brow. Applying below the arch will define that area alone and will not make the entire brow bone pop.

Use waterproof mascara

Your choice for false lashes is important since they help add length to your natural lashes. For people with hooded eyes, long lashes pop the eyes instantly, keeping them awake the entire day. Due to their length, the lashes will keep touching the brow bone, which might eventually make the mascara smudge.

Look for waterproof mascara brands to apply on your long lashes for hooded eyes. It will not be affected by sweat or soap when you take a bath. Waterproof mascara will make your false last for weeks without breaking or demanding replacement sooner.


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