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The Pests that Plague Us Continually in College Dorms

The trouble with pests is that they are always there. Once they gain a foothold in your house they will always be there causing more and more damage and unpleasantness. That is unless we stop them by hiring the services of a professional pest controller to identify the source and to deal with them effectively.

The bug experiences we have in college dorms will be similar to the home situation. We spend a lot of time studying and sleeping there and so do not want to share our new temporary home with these pests, either. This makes it good to have regular college dorm bedbug inspections.

Pests and bugs do not just cause damage to property, they are uncomfortable and unhealthy to be around too.


Are There Bugs in College Dorms?

College dorms will contain many bugs and pests. They will all have been attracted there in one way or another. The bugs will include bed bugs, flies, gnats, and silverfish. The last one will eat book pages. This is particularly undesirable when a college student. Books will make up a lot of your possessions because of their role as a study aid. They will not just be books that you own, either, but ones borrowed from a public library. We will want to, at the very least, avoid silverfish because of their potential to damage books

A bug that likes paper will be one to fear as much as the bed bugs that provide us with an uncomfortable and itchy night when we want to get a good night’s sleep to recharge our batteries ready for an early lecture the following morning.


Preventative Measures

There are things we can do to prevent pests from making our college dorms their home. These will include the following:

  • Regular vacuuming to remove dust.
  • Ensuring that food is kept sealed and stored in containers so that it is protected from pests and does not entice them.
  • Washing dirty dishes.
  • Removing moisture and standing water.
  • Taking out the litter and avoiding any clutter where possible.

The main thing is not to attract the bugs in the first place, or at least to not have them feel too comfortable.

A large part of pest control is about not encouraging pests because once they get established they will rapidly multiply. This will then create an unpleasant and unhealthy environment for anyone studying and living within the college dorm. This could be yourself or your son or daughter. 

Unfortunately, where college dorms are shared by many students, preventative measures become difficult, if not impossible, to enforce. It only takes one person to be lazy, careless, forgetful, or thoughtless to then encourage that first group of pests to enter the dorm and then plague students. We can therefore consider using preventative measures and pest controllers in combination to ensure an environment that is habitable by humans.


How Pest Controllers Can Help

Pest controllers will know about all the latest methods and electronic devices that will help with pests. There are, for instance, sonic devices that let off a high-pitched squeal that cannot be heard by humans but will repel pests. There are ones set to cope humanely with everything from the tiniest bug to pests such as spiders and rodents.

Electronic pest controllers, that professional pest controllers can place in strategic places for you, will work by combining ultrasonic sounds with electronic fields to deter pests. There are, of course, DIY versions but placing them in the right places is key. Where we find the odd pest may not necessarily be where the main colony or group of them reside. We do want the expertise the experienced pest controller will offer. That is so that we do not just remove one or two of the pests, but as far as possible remove them all to stop them completely. It only takes two pests left to put you back in the same position before too long.


Students in college dorms can benefit greatly from knowing some preventative measures to deal with pests and by calling in the pest controllers sooner rather than later. That way, there will be fewer pests to deal with and the situation can be resolved quicker. We do not want study or sleep to be interrupted when our education is as important as having a good time.

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