SunnyBay Body Heat Wrap

This Extra Large Unscented Microwaveable Heating Pad is ideal for upper and lower back pain treatment. It is so large that you can cover your entire back. You may lay on it or put it on top of your back. Each pack is filled with whole grain wheat fill to efficiently hold in heat and ensure a flexible fit around your target areas. You’ll feel better in practically no time! Sunny Bay’s versatile heating pad will quickly become your go-to solution for back and shoulder muscle pain, soreness, and tension caused by intense training or accidental tweaks that can happen during daily activities. Pop it in the microwave or freezer for the best hot or cold therapy for your aching body.


 Rengöra Candles

MamatheFox loves a good candle. These candles from Rengöra are simply perfect. They burn nicely, have the best smell and the containers are attractive too. Lavender & Eucalyptus are the scents in Nightfall, and in Twilight you’ll find the combination of English Pear and & Freesia. Made with 100% soy wax this candle burns for 40+ hours. The stress relief you will find in these aromatherapy candle is guaranteed to help you relax at the end of the day. Run a hot bath, light your Rengöra candle and rest.

No Filter – Game

Looking for an easy game to play while chilling together on the couch this holiday? No Filter is easy to play and is easy to transport; it fits easily in a purse or backpack. So, put your phone down, we need to talk. No Filter is the get-to-know-you game designed to break the ice and spark conversation. Roll the dice to see who answers one of 200 colorful and compelling questions. Have fun, be candid, and discover something new about each other. A little human interaction is good for you.

MyWish4U Holiday Notes Collection

Connect with your kids this holiday season with Christmas Facts & Funnies or Hanukkah Notes from the popular MyWish4U Lunch Notes. Each book is overflowing with cool holiday facts and jolly jokes to make the season extra merry! Tear off a note and use as a thoughtful gift topper, tree decoration, or as place cards at the holiday table. These happy Christmas and Hanukkah Notes tell your kids that even in the midst of the busy holiday season, you stopped to think about them.


Babies don’t need too too much. They needs to be fed, cleaned and loved. But you know you still want to give them some fun gifts for the holiday. I suggest gifting them a few teething products from Kalencom. They are the best in natural teethers and plush pals courtesy of Saro Baby! Saro has traditional teething toys made from natural beech wood and food grade silicone that is free from harmful chemicals. The combination of wood and silicone provide a high level sensory stimulation through touch and smell. safe for children to touch, bite, and suck without risks: BPA Free, 100% organic silicone, 100% organic cotton, 100% natural wood and rubber. MamatheFox just adores their line of neckerchew’s. Click over to their website to see their broad line that includes teething toys, plush toys and rattles.

Travalo Milano – Fragrance on the Go

Do you like to travel for vacations? Maybe you travel for work? Either way, this is a must have for fragrance lovers.  TRAVALO Milano is the easiest and most luxurious way to take fragrance on the go. Fill TRAVALO directly from your standard-size perfume bottle, and in just seconds, you have a leak-proof way to take your favorite fragrance with you. Perfect for traveling, and to keep in your purse, gym bag or office. It features a 100% leak-proof design that has been pressure-tested on more than 100 flights. No messy spills plus TSA-approved for carry-on luggage makes for hassle-free traveling with TRAVALO.

  iHealth’s – COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test

COVID-19 testing for families at home just became more affordable at $6.99 per test and faster with results in 15 minutes with iHealth’s new COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test. Just in time for the holidays and flu season, this new over-the-counter (OTC) Self Test from iHealth is important since anyone can become infected and spread COVID-19 today regardless of vaccination status. The test is approved for individuals over 15 years of age for self-collection and over two years old with adult collection of samples, with or without symptoms. Order a few now before the holiday so you are prepared to travel and visit your loved ones.

Evenflo Feeding – Balance + Bottles

Babies don’t need too much for the holidays. They need love, attention and to be fed. The Evenflo Feeding Balance + Standard Gift Set is a must-have assortment of feeding and soothing essentials for any new or expecting family! Developed with Pediatric Feeding Specialists, the Balance + Standard Bottle features a unique, naturally-sloped nipple, helping to promote a healthy wide latch for baby. The effective 1-piece integrated vent helps prevent colic, gas, and fussiness with no extra parts to clean or lose. The included Slow Flow Nipple has an intentional, slower flow rate and helps prevent chugging, allowing for a calm, gulp-free feeding at baby’s pace. Extra nipples are included for added convenience. The 1-piece soft silicone Balance + Cylindrical Pacifier helps promote healthy sucking skills. This 100% soft silicone pacifier is ultra-lightweight and flexible, helping to decrease mouth fatigue. The included Soother is also 100% silicone, and has multiple teething surfaces to help massage those little gums.

 KeaBabies – Organic Cotton Bibs

Handle drooling with style! The Organic Urban Drool Bibs from KeaBabies are made to be worn from playtime to mealtime to help keep drool and messes to a minimum. The Organic Urban Drool Bibs cover your baby’s torso from neck to baby’s belly, keeping your little one’s clothes dry and fresh all day long! Their 8-Pack is cute and stylish. The organic baby bibs are exclusively designed by KeaBabies for your child to ensure that your baby never runs out of styling options. Our baby bibs are easy to match, making them a fuss-free teething baby essential and styling accessory for modern parents. We love that these organic baby bibs are made with 100% organic cotton (GOTS-certified) and backed with water resistant fleece for added absorption. This dual layer design helps to keep your baby’s clothes clean and fresh all day long, which means less laundry for you. Suitable for newborns, infants, toddlers, heavy droolers and teething babies.


    If you ware wanting a useful and fun gift for a simple stocking stuffer then consider Ecologie. They have top of the line Swedish Dishcloths with the best prints and colors I’ve ever seen. The Dishclothes are made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibers. This makes them 100% natural and compostable cloths – making it a must-have in Scandinavia. They can hold 15x their weight in water making them highly absorbent. Quick-drying, you’ll be amazed at how odor-free they are! Use in place of paper towels and plastic sponges. Pop over to their site and scroll through all the print designs. Look for the fun puppy ones, my kids love them.



Kirk’s is the only coconut castile soap brand continuously made since 1839. They use 100% natural ingredients for health conscious families. All surfactants used in Kirk’s are biodegradable. This means all surfactants (sudsing/cleaning agents) are broken down into simpler compounds by natural biological action helping to eliminate sudsing/foaming problems in lakes and streams. Kirk’s feature a broad line of soaps for your family. Their hydrating hand soap is well loved by the MamatheFox household. Knowing that our children are getting clean and not being exposed to hard chemicals gives us true peace of mind. We grown-ups love the Kirk’s bar soap. It smells so light and fresh and always leaves you feeling soft and and clean. Having only 5 ingredients in the bars and maintaining a GMO free formula makes it perfect for the most sensitive skin.

HINDES – Candles

Candles, so many love to find them in their stockings. But finding a fun and special one can be hard sometimes. This year surprise your loved ones with a candle from HINDES. Their gift set includes one “the woods” 9oz soy wax nano-CBD candle, one “the moon” soy wax nano-CBD candle, and one candle wick trimmer. A portion of sales of this gift set will be donated to Second Harvest Heartland (they are working to end local hunger). Each candle is hand-poured soy wax candle with nano CBD in a glass jar with metal lid and cotton + paper wick. The benefits of aromatherapy and CBD are combined in two signature essential oil blends: The Woods (energizing eucalyptus + cedarwood) and The Moon (relaxing lavender + patchouli) 400mg nano-CBD strength candles are great for those new to CBD. If you know someone who loves the smell of real CBD, they are going to really enjoy these candles.


 HINDES – Skincare Gift Set

Another staple I love to see in my stocking is skincare! I use it daily, so I can never have enough. But, we all know its quality over quantity when it comes to our skin. After a long day you probably love to have a warm bath with some bath salts to unwind. This gift set is perfect for you. It includes one 4oz bottle of nano-CBD soaking salts and one 3.4oz bottle of nano-CBD body lotion in lavender. Lavender + Copaiba essential oils add to the aromatherapy and skincare benefits of those relaxing soaking salts. As for the lotion, lavender essential oil adds to the aromatherapy and skincare benefits of this hydrating body lotion. Refresh aging skin from head to toe by adding Nano CBD Body Lotion to your daily skincare routine. Check out their website for all the details and to learn


Old Trapper’s Beef-n-Cheese Snack Sticks

Old Trapper strives to be the front runner in beef jerky. Beef Jerky is their passion and they know how to do it well – by using only the best lean strips of beef, freshest seasoning ingredients, and real wood-fired smoke. They offer both teriyaki and peppered, the two most popular jerky flavors. they have beef jerky, beef steak and snack sticks. I recommend popping a few snack stick in the stockings this year. The Jalapeno Beef & Cheese Snack Stick is MamatheFox’s favorite. Its their double-threat snack, amped up with the spicy flavor of Jalapeno. They paired delicious smoked beef stick seasoned with Jalapeno spices and a creamy slice of Pepper Jack Cheese to form snacking perfection. Eat them one at a time or all at once. You’re doing it right either way.

 Jelly Belly Gum

MamatheFox and her family just love Jelly Belly. They are such a fun and delicious treat. The most iconic and popular Jelly Belly fruit flavors are now available in GUM! Created by Ford Gum, makers of the iconic and vintage candy brand Big League Chew. Enjoy the sugar free Berry Blue flavor to freshen your breath, help with dry mouth, or even substitute it for a sweet mint. The gum features four different Jelly Belly iconic flavors – Very Cherry, Watermelon, Berry Blue and Island Punch! Jelly Belly bubble gum is sugar free making it great gift for kids as a stocking stuffer on Christmas.

Sleepy Tie

Get ready for the next day before your head even hits the pillow! Sleepy Tie is the must-have stocking stuffer that lets you wake up with perfect hair. Sleepy Tie is a hair tie design that maintains salon blow-outs and styled hair that reduces the need for styling tools. It’s a revolutionary new accessory for all hair types! This innovative patent-pending design for wrapping your hair while you sleep eliminates bedhead and makes your luscious locks smoother and healthier. It’s simply fabulous and word of mouth is spreading fast! Sleepy Tie is fully vegan and does not promote animal cruelty. Head over to their website to watch the step by step instructions on how to use the Sleepy Tie.

 Tiptoes – For Kids and Women

Looking for a fun way to help your kids stop slipping when running through the kitchen? Maybe you desire some fun slippers that look pretty and cute? Then I would recommend Tiptoes.  These are the comfiest slipper sock! Replicating the feeling of being barefoot, while having soft terry cotton around your toes, with non-slip bottoms, tiptoes are favored by parents, kids, and babies. They are perfect for lounging, playing, entertaining, and even walking (or running) indoors. Tiptoes are all handmade, please ensure you wash in cold water with like colors and hang dry. No dryers pretty please!

Yipes! Wipes 

These gentle and effective wipes are a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your wishlist – adult or child. They are hand and face wipes that quickly remove dirt. Yipes! are plant derived and made without harsh chemicals like parabens, petrolatum, and more. They are super soft and enriched with aloe vera. These wipes are perfect to have wherever you’re going. Keep them in the car, diaper bag, purse; they are great to have for holiday travel as well. The wipes are available in a few different forms that make them convenient to have wherever you need them. Teaching children hygiene is pretty important, and this is a goal of Yipes! They seek to have kids take initiative, learning the independence of hygiene. The Yipes! really are a great stocking stuffer!

Tiny TV Classics

Get ready to watch Friends like never before – on the TINIEST TV! Introducing Tiny TV Classics, the NEWEST collectible from Basic Fun! Tiny TV Classics are real-working TVs that feature the most famous scenes and quotes from top shows and movies, like Friends. Each Tiny TV comes with a remote, that really works!  Use your remote to turn your Tiny TV on, sit back, and enjoy channel surfing from scene to scene. The laughs never STOP! When you’re done, place your Tiny TV and remote on the custom backdrop scene (included) to really show off your Tiny TV.

Meet the melt-in-your-mouth Sleep Little Helper® Supplement Strip. Think breath strip, but with a dreamy Honey Lavender flavor and 5mg of Melatonin to help lull you gently to sleep. No need for pills, powders and potions, these 0-calorie strips are purse and travel friendly AND require no water. Need to [dis]solve more problems? Their Energy and Calm Little Helper® Supplement Strips will step in when your energy and stress levels need a little help. They are even one of the 2021 Product’s of the Year ! It is so simple to use. Place a strip on your tongue. Wait 15 minutes and see how you feel. Use a second strip if you want to feel more of an effect.
Snow – At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Stay home and whiten with Snow’s most advanced formula for faster whitening results than ever before. Join some of the most successful celebrities and 500,000+ customers who depend on the Snow® unique at-home experience. Delivers professional-level whitening experience for a steal of a price. Enamel-safe for those with sensitive teeth and gums.  The kit includes (3) Wands of whitening serum, (1) Original LED whitening accelerating technology, and (1) Wand of extra strength whitening serum. 4 easy steps to results. First, brush your teeth. Then step 2, apply the serum. Twist up the wand and apply serum to each tooth – paint each tooth as you would your nails! Step 3, Whiten. Once the serum has been applied to your teeth, plug the LED light into your device and put the mouthpiece in. Keep the light in for 10-30 minutes (time varies based on your desired whiteness). Lastly, rinse! After whitening for your desired length of time, unplug and remove the light from your mouth. Rinse both the light and your mouth, and voila! You’re done!

hum by Colgate – Smart Electric Toothbrush

This Smart toothbrush guides you to brush better via connected bluetooth toothbrush to target spots that need extra love. They are even one of the 2021 Product’s of the Year! Features powerful sonic vibrations in 3 modes. You can personalize your pulse by choosing the vibration level that suits you; choose from normal, sensitive, or deep clean. Thankfully it is rechargeable with a battery, which allows is it keep going for 10 days. The kit includes Includes: 1 electric adult toothbrush, 1 charger, 1 carrying case. You can typically find it at your local Target, or Target online.


 Tea Runners – Subscription Box

Discover the world of tea’s with Tea Runners. Gift subscriptions are such a popular gifting option! There is nothing as great as a gift that shows up to your mailbox every month. From Black to Green and Herbal to White, Tea Runner has the perfect tea for you. If you have a picky friend on your list a gift from Tea Runner will be  perfect fit. It allows you to try new things and opens a new window of conversation. If you think a subscription would be too much you can instead order a single time gift box instead. You can choose from rare and award-winning brands. This is of utmost importance to those that truly love to brew and steep. Click over to their website to see more about their teas.


Nostalgia Coffee

Do you have a coffee lover on your shopping list? Nostalgia honors the memories that surround coffee. Nostalgia Coffee is passionate about bringing that classic nostalgic feeling to you through award-winning taste and excellent customer experience. They deeply care about people. From fair salaries, putting women in positions of power, and having the most diverse team possible to fundamentally changing how coffee is bought and giving 5% of revenue back to producers, they seek to always be kind and ethical. Not only can you buy a bag of coffee, but they also offer a steeping bag option. Think of it like a teabag. The pre-stuffed bag is filled with the perfect amount of coffee to make 1 cup of coffee. Simply pour boiling (or very hot at least) water over the bag. Let it steep for 4 to 5 minutes. If you want to make it iced then simply move the coffee after its steeped to a new cup full of ice.

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