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What You Need To Make Your House Child-Safe

If you’re raising a child and you soon find them toddling about at great speed, it can feel like everything in the home suddenly becomes some sort of falling, tripping, or other kinds of risk. It is true that there are plenty of dangers that you should be aware of but, better yet, there’s plenty you can do to make the home a lot more child-safe.

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Move things that might fall

One of the first tips you should keep in mind when you’re trying to toddler-proof your home is that you want to get down to their level and see what they can reach. They’re at the age that they’re likely to start reaching up and trying to pull stuff down. Make sure that no items that can fall on them can fall down on them, whether you install some new shelves or simply move your knick-knacks out of the way for the moment. 


Secure what furniture you have

Just as they’re going to be tugging on everything that they can, your toddlers are also likely to start trying to climb what they can. Furniture that may seem sturdy may not be able to hold the sustained weight and could topple if enough weight is hanging off one side of them. You need to test the stability of all your furniture. Things like furniture wall straps can help to secure them but you might also need to think of moving them out of their reach.


Don’t leave fireplaces or power strips exposed

You should make sure that anything that might be a shock risk or fire risk is made inaccessible by your toddler as best as possible. With your fireplace, this might be as simple as putting down a fireguard, for instance. There are also things like power strip covers that can make sure they’re not able to touch any outlets directly.


Get ready for life’s little accidents

You might not be able to stop every scrape, bump, and cut. Even if you might be going into panic mode internally (which most parents would), you should make sure that you have a game plan. Make sure that you keep a fully stocked first-aid kit, including wound care products, so that you’re ready to jump into action and help those boo-boos get better. You can learn basic life support training from Toronto First Aid


Keeping an eye at night

Monitoring cameras are usually considered a product for smaller kids, but there are plenty of great toddler video monitors that are better suited for toddlers who might be more likely to move around at night, as well. It’s recommended that you try to avoid watching it all night, as it can raise anxiety levels in parents quite a bit, but there’s nothing wrong with checking in on them occasionally.


You don’t want to be too paranoid about the safety of your kids when they’re doing just fine, but a little prep work to mitigate against further risks can help you feel a little more at ease and hopefully that’s what these tips offer.

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