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Discover The Most Common Problems In Early Pregnancy

Discovering you are pregnant is both exciting and nerve-racking. The longer you have been trying the more nerve racking it is. After all, if it has taken you years to get pregnant you will be anxious that something will go wrong and you’ll have to start all over again. 

Unfortunately, the first trimester of any pregnancy is also the one that carries the highest risk of issues. That’s why most people see a reputable obstetrician Sydney as early as possible but don’t tell their loved ones until week 13 or later. 


Without doubt, this is the biggest concern and one of the most common issues in early pregnancy. It is estimated that 80% of women will experience bleeding during the first trimester. The good news is that at least 50% of these women go on to give birth to a healthy baby. That means the odds are in your favor.

However, it also means that roughly 50% of these women will experience a miscarriage. 

It is important to have a miscarriage investigated. It is possible that you had an ectopic pregnancy, this is when the fetus has implanted outside of the womb and cannot survive. This type of issue can be dangerous for the mother as well as fatal for the unborn child. 

It should be noted that an ectopic pregnancy can either be dealt with by medication or surgery. However, it can often involve the removal of one of the fallopian tubes, making it harder to get pregnant again.


You’ve heard of morning sickness and it’s estimated that at least half of pregnant women will suffer from this during the first trimester. 

The good news is that in most cases it is just a feeling of being sick, in some you are actually sick, but it doesn’t lead to complications with the baby. It is simply a symptom of pregnancy. 


As your body adjusts to having to support two lives it is common for you to feel extremely tired. Interestingly, this lasts for the first trimester and returns in the third. During the second trimester, you are likely to have plenty of energy!


Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that appear just inside and outside the rectum. They are caused by the increased pressure that you experience as your uterus starts to expand. They are more common in late pregnancy but can occur at the start. Understanding the best ways for how to prevent hemorrhoids is going to be much more comfortable for you while you are pregnant. Hemorrhoids aren’t always avoidable when you have a baby pressing down on your insides, if you understand how to look after them you’re not going to be a pain for too long.

In general, this isn’t a concern and they disappear after the pregnancy has finished. 


Many pregnant women experience cravings during their pregnancy. These generally start during the first trimester and can be a sign of a nutrient deficiency. It’s a good idea to get it checked. If you have cravings they are likely to last for the duration of the pregnancy. But, again, they will disappear after the birth.


When you become pregnant your body undergoes a lot of changes, particularly hormonal changes. This often results in headaches during the first trimester./ But, they should pass as you enter the second trimester. 


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