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5 Signs You Could Have An Addictive Personality

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You might have heard the term “addictive personality” being bandied about in conversation. And you may even think you have one, given your proclivity for enjoying certain pleasures.


However, it turns out that an addictive personality is something much more specific than many people realize. It’s not just about enjoying the finer things in life. It’s more of a state of mind that makes it much more likely that you’ll engage in destructive behavior


You Carry On With Something, Even If It Hurts You


There’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself from time to time. Nobody ever got hurt from eating a sugary cake on their birthday. However, if you continue to expose yourself to the same hazards, despite the consequences, it could indicate that you have an addictive personality. 


For instance, consider somebody who orders fast food to their home on a Friday night. That person is living a balanced life because the rest of the week, they are eating healthy. However, the person who does it every night is engaging in a destructive activity. A little bit of fast food is probably okay, but a lot certainly isn’t. 


Your Relationships Change Often


Many people with addictive personalities struggle to remain in relationships long-term. That’s because their destructive behavior has a habit of pushing other people away. Initially, they have no trouble attracting a mate, but as problems in the relationship become clear, arguments arise. Eventually, the other person doesn’t feel like they can trust them. 


You Are Always Looking For The Next Reward


A healthy person can sit in silence in a room without any stimulation and feel at peace in themselves. However, somebody with an addictive personality is always looking for the next reward. Their minds are inherently pleasure-seeking. 


If you go to a rehab center, you will notice that the attending staff always try to limit this reflex. That’s because you can’t usually deal with addiction unless you first deal with the impulse to seek pleasure first. 


If you find yourself looking for pleasure all the time, take a step back. Recognise what is happening and then use techniques to interrupt it. Things like meditation, deep breathing and even exercise can help tremendously. 


You Are A Risk-Taker


Related to this is the fact of being a risk-taker – somebody who feels the urge to continually put themselves in danger. Addictive personalities often take pleasure in risks, even if they are outright dangerous. Consider looking into a Rehab Center in Colorado


You Find Yourself Obsessing Over Things


It is natural to obsess over some things in your life a little bit. For instance, if you just got into a new relationship, the biochemical high of being in love means that you think about your new partner all the time. 


However, people with addictive personalities can find themselves obsessing over all kinds of minutiae. For instance, you might find yourself getting obsessed and upset because of the decor in your home or what somebody said about you at work. 


The trick here is to learn to let go. You don’t have to focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else. There is so much more to life.

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