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Sustainability is a hugely popular buzzword for brands and businesses to use in this day and age. We all want to live more sustainably and support businesses that are doing good things for the planet, but it can be very difficult when money comes into the picture. Fast fashion is cheaper than sustainable fashion; gassing up your car is cheaper than buying electric. However, a lot of institutions and businesses are transitioning to sustainable products and services.

You might have heard how the Australian government is providing electric vehicle grants for infrastructure and vehicles. This can not only help with cleaner transport system, but in saving the overall running cost of vehicles. If government institutions are taking up such important measures for sustainability, you can also do your part by being sustainable. In this post, you’ll learn ways that sustainable living can be good for your bank account too. Let’s get started!

  1. If you run a business, sustainability sells.

When you run a business, money is on your mind 24/7. Are we making enough money? Do we have enough to fall back on if something goes wrong? Can we afford to pay our staff? Small businesses constantly ask these questions.
It can be hard to focus on the wider world when your business is just getting started. In fact, your priority might be to increase sales or bolster the online reputation of the business (either by enlisting the help of an online reputation management agency or otherwise) so as to attract more leads. However, there are so many areas to be considered before setting up a business, especially if it is a manufacturing unit or a factory. As they tend to produce a lot of waste material; releasing it in the nearby vicinity might prove problematic to the people living there. This can eventually tarnish the reputation of your business. So, to avoid any such circumstances it is always better to comply with environmentally accommodating rules and choose a location that isn’t hampering the natural ecosystem. It can effectively be done by thorough research provided by companies with similar caliber to RSB Environmental.

When it comes to products, being sustainable is a great way to make your business more marketable in the modern world. By investing in sustainable materials for your products and running an energy efficient workplace, you can use these practices to hook more customers, thereby increasing your revenue.

  1. Sustainable clothing is of higher quality.

Fast fashion might be cheaper than sustainable fashion, but sustainable fashion lasts. If you don’t want to be chucking away clothes that you’ve only owned for a year or so, you should shop for sustainable clothing for men and women that actually lasts through many washes, wears and seasons. That way, you will be able to keep your clothing for years, rather than spending money on throwaway clothes that won’t last very long.

  1. Electric boilers run more cheaply than oil or gas ones.

By avoiding fossil fuels when heating your home, you are actually helping your bank account as well as the planet. Older boilers run on oil or gas, and these fuels are now becoming more expensive in comparison to electricity. By replacing your burner boiler with an electric one, you will reduce the monthly cost of your heating bill, while also making a positive contribution to the planet too!

  1. Wasteful living wastes money, too.

If you have got into bad habits with food, belongings or fuel, it’s time to start changing the way you think. Wasting products – such as over-buying food that rots before you can eat it, or buying too many clothes, or using your car too often when you could walk – is bad for the planet, but it also eats into your budget, too. By paying more attention to the way you use products and cutting down on unnecessary waste, you could actually save a lot of money. Plus, you’ll be giving the planet a sigh of relief by not overusing or wasting precious products.

In conclusion…

Sustainability can be an expensive endeavour, but by using these four tips, you will be making small changes that have a big impact on our world. Try these tips to see how much money you could save by being more sustainable!