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Burns in Babies: Precautions and Treatment

Unarguably, scalds and burns are common injuries in babies. The baby’s skin is fragile, making it prone to skin-related problems. Therefore, a drink or not hot object for you might cause a scalding sensation on your baby’s skin. 


This skin condition is painful and frightening for the baby to suffer from. This often makes the baby feel uncomfortable and annoyed. Here, parents often make a major blunder by stressing over their baby’s condition instead of responding to the worsening pain. 


What to do when you see your baby suffering from scalds or burns?


#1 – Keep your baby away from heat – Excessive or direct heat is a sign/zone of danger for your baby. This can end up making the circumstances critical for the baby’s skin. Use heavy blankets or wet towels to soothe your little one’s skin. 


#2 – Inspect how severe the scald is – If the burn is serious, you should take your toddler to a nearby hospital at the earliest. Here are a few other things to practice immediately – 


  1. Cover up to 5% of the body. 
  2. Check if the burn is charred or white? These are some elementary signs to see how deeply the skin is damaged. If it is a serious burn, you may be able to see the underlying pale layer of damaged skin. 
  3. Is there any chemical or electrical burn?
  4. Look for the spot or affected body part. For instance, if it is on the joints like elbows or knees, you need to be ultra-concerned about it. 


#3 – Cool down the burn – Begin the first-aid by soothing the burning sensation on the affected area. This process may take up to 20 minutes to show good results, therefore stay determined. Place the affected area under running water to rinse excessive dirt and bacteria. Make sure you keep the water pressure low as it can damage the already damaged skin layers. 


#4 – Remove tight clothes – The kid’s garments can be a trouble to the worsening burn. Try to remove the clothes carefully without touching the affected area. This will help the toddler feel comfortable. Moreover, the practitioner will be able to examine the injury better. 


#5 – Dress the burn with quality first-aid – Initial care is always necessary to improve the situation and help the toddler feel better. Blisters, burns, and scalds should be covered with antiseptic cream or lotion for faster healing. Thus, cover the burn with medical-grade manuka honey as it proves highly effective to heal wounds and repair skin from scratch. If you do not have any ointment, apply raw potato, turmeric, fresh cream, raw egg white, etc., to the affected area. This helps to stop the sensations immediately. 


When to see the doctor?

  1. Increased pain 
  2. Odor 
  3. Consistent swelling 
  4. Swollen lymph nodes 
  5. Fever
  6. Red streaks around the affected area 
  7. Pus 


The bottom line is that – 


Preserving a baby is one of the integral parts of upbringing them. This can be a challenging phase as babies and toddlers are prone to injuries and scalds. Therefore, keep a hawk’s eye on your baby’s activities to avoid any mishap. 



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