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Need to sell your house fast? 4 reasons to take a fair cash offer right now

There are times when one needs to sell their house really fast. It may be due to a divorce, a spouse’s death or even just shifting to a new place for a new job. Quick sales are not always possible, since there are many factors that you have to account for.

Things such as finding a real estate agent who is at the top of their game, listing your property and getting its market price assessed are just some of the things you need to do. If you’ve never sold a house before, you might need to research what is a buyers agent too. Anyway, when you are selling a house, you would also need a realtor who can help tell the story of your property to the buyers and be by your side to navigate the transaction seamlessly. Such a realtor can paint a beautiful picture of your property and attach emotions to it. Truth be told, an experienced real estate salesperson can not only represent a seller but can also ensure that his interests are represented aptly.

To be honest, all of this will definitely help your house, but what if there was a faster and cleaner way of being able to sell your home quickly? A cash offer may be what you are looking for. According to a study, more than 20% of people selling their houses in South Carolina prefer all-cash offers. It is quite tough to get a homebuyer with an all-cash offer, but there are companies all around that help you sell your house fast for cash.

Of course, it is still important to make sure that the closing costs and any other necessary fees are accounted for, but for some people, cash is the best way to proceed in the real estate industry. Put simply, throughout your home purchase, third parties including your real estate attorney and your mortgage lender are likely to have performed a wide range of services to facilitate the sale of a property. Closing costs, therefore, include the fees these professionals charge to finalize any real estate transactions and/or home loans. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about typical closing costs in South Carolina you can find some helpful resources on the Riverland Realty website here:

For now though, here are some of the best reasons why cash is king in the real estate industry.

There is less negotiation required with a cash offer

Cash offers require less negotiation than other deals for your house. Often, they require no negotiation at all. This procedure involves the buyer assessing your house and making a counter-offer on your given price for the house. This is already better for you since there are no commission fees required in this process. If you are selling your home without a real estate agent, negotiations can be tough. All-cash offers (such as the ones at do not require so much negotiation.

Lending issues are eliminated through cash offers

If you end up working with buyers who will be using mortgages to pay for the house, you will definitely run into some financial hurdles. The organization that is providing your buyer with the capital to buy the house can back out of the deal at any time. For most people, home buying in SC requires a loan. Most families in the US can not buy a house without needing additional financial assistance. If the lender backs out, your buyer will most probably drop out as well. Companies or people using cash to buy your property are less likely to back out of the deal, which is why they are preferred.

It is less stressful to take a cash offer

If you have ever sold your house before, chances are that you know how stressful it can get. Taking a cash offer means taking a conscious decision to make things easier for yourself in regards to selling your house. You do not need to deal with endless documents, escrow, and much more.

Cut down on additional fees

Buying or selling a house requires a lot of additional fees such as commissions, mortgages, and lender fees. If you take an all-cash offer for your home, you don’t have to borrow money. In addition to saving money, you also have to deal with fewer documents.

It can be really stressful to sell your home. You can always take all-cash offers and sell your home quickly.

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