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3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Start Investing in Real Estate

If you’re new to the world of investing, it can seem risky to make large property purchases in the hopes of getting a good return. However, real estate investing is one of the most reliable avenues for making a passive income.  Real estate is flexible in the sense that it offers opportunities for both long-term and short-term investments. Unlike the volatile stocks you’re likely familiar with (and wary) of, the benefits of real estate investing are consistent and easy to understand.

If you’re interested in learning more about real estate investments, keep reading for three of the best reasons to get involved in the market.

Diverse Investments

Compared to other markets, real estate offers the opportunity to invest in a variety of ways depending on your experience level and commitment to property management. Here’s a breakdown of some common types of real estate investments:

  • Flipping houses allows investors to purchase a fixer-upper in a promising neighborhood, bring it to life through renovations and design, and resell to turn a profit. This is a great way to get started because you don’t have to commit to the property long-term.
  • Short-term property rentals allow you to purchase a property and rent it out on a short-term basis. You can set nightly rates and adjust them as you please. Vacation home rentals are good examples of this type of real estate investment.
  • Long-term single-family rentals are homes or single units rented out for long periods of time. The owners of these properties often serve as landlords and property managers, making them more hands-on than other real-estate investment option.
  • Multi-family rentals like apartment complexes are buildings with many units that can be rented out at the same time. Due to the volume of renters, these rentals provide the most income and require the most maintenance.
  • When is the best time to buy or lease commercial property? In the long run, owning commercial property is usually more cost effective than leasing. Commercial properties allow you to rent out the space to a company for manufacturing, office space, or retail. These tenants often stay in the property for much longer than residential renters so allows you to have a more stable monthly income. If you’re interested in this type of property, these expert tips for buying your first commercial property will come in extremely useful.

Whether you’re a new investor hoping to list a vacation property on Airbnb or a seasoned veteran of the real estate market ready to expand to a multi-family complex, there are options for everyone.

Impressive Income

One of the most compelling aspects of real estate investing is that you can make good, consistent money from it. Well-maintained and consistently booked rentals can provide a stable source of passive income for years. Beginners may want to note that short-term rentals can earn slightly more than long-term single-family rentals due to the flexibility of their rates, but all rentals have the potential to be very lucrative.  For instance, if you are considering investing in El Cid Timeshare property, make sure you can cancel El Cid timeshare if the costs go higher than your expectations.

Maintenance costs and responsibilities can put off some prospective investors, but there are ways to make property maintenance more manageable. Many rentals are profitable enough that owners can hire separate property managers from companies like A Street Partners. Outsourcing services is advisable, however, do ensure that the organization complies with the service organization control audits. It might be better to learn about soc 1 vs soc 2, and which audit is essential in a service provider you approach. Even if you don’t choose to outsource these tasks, you can still compensate for the maintenance expenses by taking advantage of the tax incentives available to real estate investors. Many regular repair and maintenance costs can be deducted.

Moreover, your consistent rental income will help you long term. The money that you make from your rental properties will benefit you now, but when you’re ready to retire from your job you’ll have a stable source of income to supplement your savings.

Financing Options

While the idea of a stable rental income may interest you, many new investors are unsure of how to get started if they don’t have funds readily available. When it comes to commercial real estate investment, purchasing properties (especially good ones in competitive locations) can be really expensive upfront, which makes many investors feel like they have to wait until they have the capital to invest. Luckily, there are options starting from long-term permanent bank loans to short-term options that require little to no collateral, like mezzanine financing, which could help you finance investments. This way, you can start now and enjoy returns from your investments for longer. If done right, this could be a great option to have stable cash flow and to enjoy tax advantages. You might also seek properties that are less expensive, such as those in Canton, Michigan (click on for more information). You might be able to invest in low-cost properties and expect a decent return on your investment.

You may be prepared to buy smaller properties outright, but larger and more expensive ones may require help. If you ever decide to invest in an apartment complex or multi-use property, consider applying for a commercial property loan to help you finance your investment. You could also choose to buy a property with other investors, creating a partnership that will help you distribute the financial and management responsibilities.

If these facts have given you a better idea of the benefits of real estate investing, do a little more research on your options and take advantage of the market!

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