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5 Fun Activities for Kids – 5 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained?


Sometimes you might have errands to run or something important to tend to, and you can not always drop off your kids at a play place or leave them with a caregiver, which is a sign that you need to improvise. Children are always curious to discover new things, so it is mandatory to find new games for them to play and something they can tinker with.

Being stuck at home with your kid and with nothing to do can be very frustrating. Luckily, there are a lot of fun indoor activities which can turn a boring day into an exciting one. Play a fantasy tabletop role-playing game like Dragons and Dungeons (you can learn more about this by visiting the website of The Daily RPG) with your children. (Note: This game happens to be designed for kids aged 12 and older.) Besides this, you can also read them fairytales or science fiction stories that could pique their interest in storytelling. Remember that you don’t have to restrict yourself to just indoor activities; you can also do things outside– the best part is that such outdoor activities can mostly be done with everyday items that you have around the house to help you keep your kids entertained.

There are tons of inside crafts, small-scale obstacle courses, painting projects and other activities that will hold your kid’s attention for long stretches of time. You can read the article here to get more ideas on fun activities that will keep your kid active and entertained.

How To Keep Your Kids Entertained

1. DIY Board Games

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Give your kids some markers, some construction paper, and a poster and then ask them to create their own board game, which you can play as a family later in the day. In case they need a little inspiration, you can assign them a theme that they are already familiar with.

This is a fun activity that serves as a learning and entertaining experience since it is associated with critical thinking to create a cohesive game with a beginning and an end. After they are done, you can include it in your family game night and allow your children to test their skills in a fun and competitive manner.

2. Show and Tell

Show and tell does not have to be an activity that is strictly reserved for the classroom. Have your children go into their rooms to come up with at least five items that they would like to share and talk about. In case you want to give your show and tell some structure, give your children a few guidelines for the subjects they choose.

For instance, you can ask them to pick out items they would bring on a deserted island or things that would help them relax. After reconvening, grant each child the opportunity to show off each of their items and discuss why they decided to choose them.

3. Create an Obstacle Course

There are a variety of ways to make your own obstacle course to keep your children entertained during the weekends and holidays. You can either break out the sidewalk chalk and design an obstacle course on the driveway with sectors where your children have to walk on their tiptoes or hop like a frog or build one inside the house with pillows and chairs.

You can go all out and make it as entertaining as possible and even let your kids design it all on their own or help you put it together. There are unlimited options for obstacles, and your kids are bound to experience the thrill of a lifetime as they test their skills.

4. Take a Virtual Tour

Places like theme parks, museums and zoos might not always be open to public use. Still, most of them have taken the initiative to broaden their digital offering to constitute virtual tours that enable individuals to explore their space from their computers.

From the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago to the Louvre in Paris, your children can experience an inside look at the most exciting places in the world. This will be an educational and entertaining opportunity that will allow them to discover new things.

5. Go Camping in Your Backyard

An at-home vacation is a great way to keep your kids entertained. You can have a full-fledged camping experience without having to leave your home; the only thing you would need to do is set up a tent in the backyard. To have the full camping experience you can, tell stories by flashlight, have hotdogs for dinner, make s’mores, and curl up in sleeping bags as you watch the stars. If you want to make the experience authentic, you may want to visit websites such as to see how they can assist you with setting up camp. It’ll be a great dry run for when you go actual camping, you’ll already have all the equipment that you need!

Although you may want your kids to go back inside and sleep in their own beds for the rest of the night, camping in your backyard would be a whimsical break from their regular routine. Or if you want to try camping in a different place altogether, you could search on Midwest Camping or other similar sites to find a perfect location. Besides, you can keep your kids occupied during the day by planning out some fun camping activities and games for the evening ahead. If you would not want to splurge too much on new tents and other camping equipment, you could look at deals such as the ones offered at rei outlet and similar others, where you could get similar good quality things at a more reasonable price.

Make the Most Out of It

Even though TV and iPads are great for keeping kids entertained, thinking outside the box will ensure that your kids have fun and stay active. Try out the activities outlined above while making a few adjustments to accommodate the unique interests that your children might have. These activities present an opportunity to bond with your children and better understand the things they like while offering them the chance to learn new things.

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