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Why Males Are Going Bald in Their 20s: Causes and Treatments

A lot of us think that hair loss is a problem that affects older men only. While this was true to some extent in days gone by, the nature of hair loss is changing. Nowadays, many men in their early 20s are also losing their hair at a staggering pace. More men are having to Toupet online kaufen bei Aderans (buy a toupee online at Aderans), shave their head, or take medication to help improve the appearance of their thinning hair.

Since the young men have no idea why they are losing their hair so early, many of them fail to take the right recovery measures on time. In this blog, we will share the causes behind baldness in the 20s along with the treatments that can help with recovery.

Let’s first discuss the common causes of male hair loss in the 20s!

Causes of balding in 20s

According to a report shared by Toppik, most men notice their hair thinning before they reach the age of 21. Hair loss in men at such a young age could be caused by any of the following reasons:

Hereditary hair loss: This hair loss is one of the most common causes of baldness in young males. This type of hair loss runs in the family. It’s triggered by a combination of hair loss genes, aging, and change in hormones.

In hereditary hair loss, young males notice continuous thinning along the hairline followed by a bald spot at the crown which gradually increases in size. This hair loss condition can result in permanent hair loss if left unchecked.

If caught early, then such hair loss could be mitigated via surgical options, like a hair transplant for example. While many people may prefer to speak to a local clinic’s experts about the problems and their resolution, others may prefer to do some research on the best country for hair transplant and find experienced physicians who can perform the surgery as needed.

Whatever the case may be, hair loss is not something anyone would want to take lightly, and so, looking at root causes as well as treatment options should be a priority.

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Poor nutrition: Another common cause of hair loss among men in their 20s. Dermatologists say that lacks of vitamin A, C, D, and E, zinc, B vitamins, iron, protein, biotin, and essential fatty acids in the diet may slow down hair growth in young males and result in hair fall.

Hair loss due to poor nutrition is temporary and can be reversed by improving the everyday diet.

Stress: Our stress levels are generally higher amid pandemic times. In males, stress can push hair follicles into the resting phase in advance and when that happens, they stop producing new hair strands. This hair loss condition caused by stress is called telogen effluvium.

Stress can also intensify the effect of trichotillomania by making young males pull out their hair when they are dealing with negative emotions.

Abusing styling tools: Another common cause of hair loss in millennial males. Human hair is made of keratin proteins and hydrogen bonds. Heat-based styling tools such as blow dryers strip hair of its natural oils and proteins by slowly breaking down the hydrogen bonds.

In the case of prolonged uses, young men highly reliant on such styling products may notice thinner and weaker hair.

Treatments for hair loss of the youthful

Hair loss in young males can become untreatable if timely measures are not taken. Therefore, early diagnosis is important! One of the first things to consider would be consulting a physician who can diagnose the problem and prescribe appropriate hair loss pills canada or in any preferred place. Apart from that, here are widely recommended treatments to prevent hair loss at an early stage:

Minoxidil: Over-the-counter medications like minoxidil have proven effective in dealing with hair loss. The medication not only slows down the rate of hair fall but also helps with regrowth. Minoxidil usually kicks in in 4 to 6 months.

We highly recommend taking a prescription from a dermatologist for minoxidil since it has side effects including:

  • Acne at the site of application
  • Burning scalp
  • Inflammation and soreness at the roots of hair
  • Reddened skin
  • Increased hair loss

Hair system

Unlike minoxidil, hair system products carry zero risks. A hair system is a non-surgical solution for men to recover from hair loss by covering the bald area. It’s highly durable, breathable, and is made of a skin-friendly base.

Men across the globe use hair systems to overcome hair loss because:

  • They carry zero risk
  • They look hyper-realistic.
  • They deliver instant results.

Losing your hair can be emotionally draining at every age. Medications and surgical treatments like hair restoration might work if you are young and have just started losing your hair. In case your hair loss is already at an advanced stage, go for the hair replacement products for risk-free recovery!

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