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Here’s How To Add More Variety To Your Kid’s Diet

It can be frustrating when your child will only eat a few different types of food. It can also be a major problem because it might mean that they’re not getting everything that they need in their diet. It’s possible to deal with this issue by making sure that they take the necessary supplements. But this won’t always fix the issue completely. As well as this, it restricts your kids and may mean that they miss out on a meal that they might love. So, here are some of the ways that you can get them to eat a more varied diet. 

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Is It Sensory?


It is possible that the issue is a sensory problem. Kids might avoid food because of the way it looks, the way it smells or the way it feels. It’s not all about taste. The good news is that there are easy ways that you can tackle this issue head on. For instance, you might want to try using food dye to change the color of the food. You can get food dye with no taste so if your kid fancies pink vegetables then this is a real possibility. Similarly, preparing the food in different ways can also fix the sensory issue present. 


Explore The Food Of Different Cultures

It’s not uncommon for young kids to absolutely adore fiery foods. You might not have considered it before but it could be worth exploring Mexican or Indian choices. They might love the options that are available here and they could taste absolutely delicious. It’s definitely worth varying up your takeout menu selections if you constantly go to the same restaurant every time that you choose to treat yourself. Don’t forget the right takeout can also be healthy. 


Let Them Help

Finally, you might also want to think about encouraging your kids to eat a more varied diet by letting them help you prepare the food. By helping you, you’ll provide them with an opportunity to get more out of their meal. You might want to look at a range of main meal or dessert recipes online that they could help you prepare. The right recipe could be both delicious and easy to prepare while adding something new to your child’s palette. If you want a healthy choice, we suggest that you try a dessert that is based around a fruit that your kid might love. 


We hope this helps you understand some of the best ways that you can add more variety to your child’s diet. In doing so, you can guarantee that they will be getting all the minerals and vitamins that they need to keep their body healthy. Be aware that there can be a range of reasons why your child won’t eat certain foods. It’s not always going to be tied to taste. So, there’s definitely going to be a little trial and error here before you find the right answer for your kids. But, on the plus side, this will give you plenty of opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. 

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