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Transitioning to a Career in the Medical Field

Have you been considering changing your field of work? Many people are moving in the medical field as a career move.

There are so many career paths in ophthalmology practice management or as a medical assistant with many different options based on skill, education, and experience. Many of these might require certifications and you’re good to go. Let’s discuss.

Going Back to School

Many people go back to school to train for a new position. Do your research before signing up for any classes. Do some research on websites like Derryck Green to learn exactly which job you’d like to do in the medical sector. No one wants to waste money or time by training for a job you may hate. Many companies will pay for a current employee to take continuing education classes. Speak with your current manager or the HR department to see if this is something that your current job offers. If no, then do a basic Google search. Look at the local hospitals, doctors and other medical services websites near you. See what positions they are looking to fill. Read up on the jobs and see if you would be a fit. Search for psw jobs near me and see what you can find. Don’t forget to look into dentistry, optometry and dermatology. Your potential future employer may well work with someone like this drug testing in Philadelphia service to make sure that you, and anyone else they are considering employing, are fully able to work and don’t have any ongoing issues but, once you’ve passed this, you’re in touching distance of a job offer. Having a nursing certification guide can help you find options as well.

Starting the new position

Congrats! Now you have accepted an offer and are beginning a new career path. If there are training classes you need to be on your A game. Take notes, ask questions and study at home. You were probably hired with a group of other new recruits. You want to stand out and show the bosses that you are going to be a great employee. If you have to relocate for the job be sure to choose quality movers so you can get the move done fast and right. Try to get to the office or the medical room you are training in early. Many travel nursing contracts provide housing coordinators, travel nurse housing and offer to pay for it based on the agreements and the position’s requirements. Some common housing options for nurses are renting from fully-furnished studios, apartments, condos. This is a great benefit as finding a safe, affordable place can be challenging in new areas. Besides, you can check apps such as Vrbo and Airbnb that have regular ads on all the rentals that are certified places. By being early you can show you are there to work, that you have the initiative and desire to thrive. If you are being trained by someone with the same position as you try to ask them some deeper questions. Ask for their tips and tricks. Let them know you want to know this so you are less likely to bother them throughout their work day.

Build relationships

After you get settled ask some of your co-workers to go out to lunch or dinner. Build new relationships. Make new friendships. This will add a much needed sense of warmth and acceptance after all the work you have done to get here. Finding a common ground can often aid in the development of friendships. Ask them about their hobbies. Do they like to play golf or are they into crossbows? If you have a hobby try to find a local group. Look at Facebook and bulletin boards in your local Panera or Recreational Building. If your co-workers are into a local sports team as of they would mind for you to join. You never know what you are good at until you try it. When you are hanging out don’t just talk about work. This is the afterhours times. They want to unwind and be themselves. You need the break too.


Did you end up having to take out some loans to pay for school? You are not alone. Be sure that you always make the payments on time. If you can the loan provider they may have some helpful information and tools to help you pay off your loan quicker without penalties. A lot of loans have the option to defer your loans for a few months. This may come in handy if you recently moved or had a child. Be sure to not go into collections, that is the last thing you want. If you are worried simply call the loan provider and ask the questions you have.


Working in the medical field is exciting at times, but remember that you need to keep your head on straight, be smart and you can thrive.

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