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These Choices Can Ruin Your Health!

Everyone makes some pretty big decisions in their life. Some are made fast and often, while others are only made ever so often. Sometimes, people don’t truly weigh up the health impact of their choices before going ahead. Everyone is different, too. What choices affect one person’s health may not entirely affect the health of another. It’s why you really need to think things through properly and not follow in another’s stead without applying the consequences to yourself in a unique way. Here are some of the top choices people take which impact health.


Food’s Impact On Dental Health


A lot of people worry about how a certain food can lead to them gaining weight, or being unhealthy. They don’t usually think about their oral health. Especially if they practice good oral hygiene regularly. Sometimes, eating food which is bad for your teeth too often will result in a trip to a dental surgeon such as Dr. Saidapet Sridhar, DDS. While other times it may simply result in a deterioration of oral health over a long time. Citrus fruits, for example are really bad if consumed in quantity, as is wine. Soft drinks are the worst, and even more so sports drinks like RedBull or Monster. Next time you grab a drink or a snack, think about its impact on your dental health as well as your weight. 


Choosing The Wrong Career 


Picking the wrong career can have a pretty enormous effect on your mental health if you don’t enjoy it, or if you chose the complete wrong job for you. Usually you can tell pretty fast, but so many people try to suck it up and stay instead of making the decision to get out. Maybe you wanted to set up your own business, or perhaps you were looking to follow a dream you’ve always had. Following a job logically from college or university is usually a choice taken because it’s easy and on the right path. But working in an industry is different from studying. There’s no harm in changing work or career, people do it every day. It can be a little scary, but if your mental health is at risk in some way or if you’re really struggling then you need to look into making the jump and working elsewhere. 


Continuing To Smoke


At this point, smoking is just plain stupid. Every single one of those white sticks you smoke takes time off your life. Yet, so many people still make the decision to smoke. It’s expensive, with prices rising every few months. It’s totally damaging to your health and to the health of those around you, and it really stinks. Stopping can be really tough. Some manage to just go cold turkey and stop on a whim, while others need to use nicotine strips, pills, or to start vaping instead as an alternative. If you’re really struggling then there are health professionals who can help you on your journey. The key to remember is that ultimately, it’s your choice and no one can do it for you. 

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