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When your kids are little you are normally their role model. They most likely want to be like mummy or daddy when they grow up, which is absolutely adorable and very flattering. It is part of their charm, then they normally move onto people like firefighters, police officers, and pop stars. It is good at this point to teach them about other types of role models, ones that are in areas that they already have some interest in like performing, art or nature. There are so many real-life people that they can look at and aspire to be like as well. By teaching them about real people and how they act, how they got to be where they are it gives them a much better sense of the world and how it works in regards to careers and a promising future. They won’t know what they want to be when they grow up but it is something they can explore and learn about looking at different careers and how people get to that stage. A very important and handy life lesson.


Travis Preston


If your child is passionate about performing, dancing, making up little plays to show you in the living room showing them someone like Travis Preston is a really good idea. His career has developed a lot as well as being recognized for his amazing talent. He was recognized for his contributions to the arts in France as well as throughout the whole world from the French minister of culture as well as being knighted in France. Another amazing avert he had was the Chevalier of the Order of Arts. 


Michelle Obama


Michelle has certainly taken the world by storm and is a great role model for your children to learn about for so many reasons. She is a powerful figure, generous, caring while not coming across as entitled. She has done incredible things for the black community, promoting healthy eating, and has been a strong supporter of women’s rights. Not only is she evidence of behind every strong man is a strong woman but she is in her own right an independent, strong, and driven woman.


Dwayne Johnson


He is a household favorite for his acting career especially for kids like Maui in Moana. However, there is so much more to him and lots of different characteristics you can teach your children so they can look to be like him in those ways too. He is an incredible humanitarian and always helping others, giving back to the community, and has an incredible devotion to helping children. Another good aspect he has is his outlook on life, he is always looking to strive and progress, moving on to the next best thing. Never happy with where he is and always looking to better himself and do better for the people around him. If you follow him on social media you will also see a softer and family-oriented side where he shows how important family is to him. A great role model for kids everywhere.