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Training the New Guy: Construction Labor Team

When you work as a team you start to feel like a family at times. The love, the hate, the laughter and the memories. Some teams work more effectively than others. But we can all agree that when the dynamics are on the same level, then the team works like dream. If you are the lead, or the manager, then you will have times where you have to train the new guy.

Using the Equipment

Whatever fieldwork you may be doing, you have to be sure to go over all the rules, standards, equipment, and OSHA standings. If they are going to be handling field supplies, like the high-quality ones from you need to give them all the information to stay safe and keep the equipment. How to store it and where to place it when the job is done or for overnight storage. Be sure to tell them if there are temperature requirements, such as keeping it from being too cool or too hot overnight.

Teach them how to turn equipment on/off and any tips or tricks to run the unit. You can also look for professional training services that can help your team to learn OSHA Compliance safety guidelines and ensure every employee’s safety at the workplace. Moreover, if there is a manual you find useful make a copy and give it to them, so they always have their own copy on hand. They can store it in their truck or in their clipboard box.

Dressing for the Job

Depending on where you are located, there can be many different types of clothing you will find appropriate. You may be in a sunny and warm start where you will be wearing lighter clothing. Most site jobs will require hard toed shoes, jeans or sustainable overalls most or every day. Many sites will require you to have other safety equipment like helmets, back supports and possibly harness depending on the day. If you have learned some tips over the years be sure to share your knowledge, this will not only make working with them better but they will learn to appreciate and respect you. If you are in a foggy or dangerous place always have your yellow reflective jackets and hats on for your safety.

Preparing for the Day

Depending on the details of the job, and the crew there can be many ways the day runs. Help the new guy by telling him all of the crews names and what jobs they do. This way they know who to ask for what details as the project goes forward. If it will be rainy have them wear appropriate clothing and bring plastic sheets for your clipboard and other paper products. If the snow storm the weather channel has been going on about draws close to your job site, be prepared and call in a local snow removal company – click here to learn more about residential snow removal.

Have they filled out any required safety or job documents? Teach them where to find this information and how to relay it back to corporate.

Remember that you too were new at some point. Think back to how you were trained. What was helpful? What do you wish someone told you? As the days and conversations happen these will dawn on you and you can help train the new guy in the best way you know how.

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