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How To Look Stylish During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an exciting experience. As your baby grows, you will look to the future with anticipation. However, you may start looking at the mirror with dread. It can be hard to stay stylish during this maternity phase. If you want to look your best while pregnant, here are a few easy maternity style tips.


Stick to the Best Patterns


Maternity clothes will feature a lot of big patterns and vertical stripes. This is for good reason. Vertical stripes do not accentuate your growing width but your height. As your profile gets bigger, the larger prints can be more flattering. You are looking to accent your belly without making it seem bigger than it is.


Optimize the Look with Slimming Colors


Color can be a powerful tool in any wardrobe. In general, if you are worried about looking too big, you should stick to dark colors. Dark colors like black, navy blue or deep purple are naturally slimming. Pregnant women should never be ashamed or embarrassed about their size, but the right colors can certainly make you feel more confident.


Lengthen Your Silhouette with Flowy Tops


Another quick trick is to start focusing on the length and shape of your tops. A longer top is going to increase the length of your torso. This will naturally make you feel more attractive. Moreover, a softer, billowy top is often a better option than something too form-fitting. A top that flows will be more forgiving and more comfortable.


Look for Adjustable Clothing


One of the most frustrating things about pregnancy is that your size is always changing. What fits one day might not fit the next day. Instead of overspending on too many trendy maternity clothes, try to buy pieces that will grow with you. A lot of pants will have elastic waists that expand. There are buttoned tops that adjust. Shirts with a tie in the back are also extremely useful. Some of these items can be worn throughout your entire pregnancy and into your postpartum days.


Remember to Accessorize


Even with these tips, it can be hard to find a full wardrobe you love. If you are stuck with some lackluster ensembles, do not fret. You can still accessorize. Make yourself feel more stylish with jewelry, scarves, headbands and bags. You can even make a statement with the right shoes. Just be sure those shoes are safe for walking around!


Find the Best Place to Shop


Ultimately, for trendy maternity clothes, you just have to find the right places to shop. Great stores like DressBarn are here to help you stay stylish during your pregnancy. In fact, you do not even have to leave home. DressBarn is now operating exclusively online. A reliable store will have the sizes, styles and prices you crave.


Embrace Your Maternity Style


It can feel difficult to stay stylish during pregnancy, but as this list shows, it is not impossible! Remember these tips to enjoy this time for you and your baby.


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