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Fresh Start to Reopening Your Restaurant

As the vaccines are being rolled out and things are looking bright again, many of us are ready to get back to work. If you have to close your restaurant or limit your business to take-out only, then you are probably chomping at the bit to get things opened and business flowing. You probably let some of your staff go, depleted your back stock of food and products and even let the dust build up in the unused areas. Lets take a breath, and get excited for your big reopening.


Your Location

Did you sell your location or lost it during the shut down? You are not allow. Do not let the big obstacle slow your dream. First, you need to consider the location. Was your location ideal? You may have had thoughts that having your business on the other side of town, another street or even another town would increase traffic and revenue. If you need to search out a new location be sure to choose a real estate firm that know how to help a business like yours, the staff at can guide you in making the right financial choices. If you still have your old location, they this is great, you have one less step in reopening.

If you feel that you need to jazz up the location look into new chairs, a few new piece of artwork and print some fresh menus. These small and non expensive upgrades can really make you stand out. Your faithful customers will notice right away and will grin at the nice fresh feel. They know you didn’t give up and are doing your best to keep them a loyal customer.



If you stayed opened during the shut down you may have laid off you entire staff. Other kept a limits few for help at the door and in the kitchen. Reflect back when your business first started, when it was at it’s peek and the seasons when it was slow. What did you staff look like then? You don’t want to over extend yourself as you do a slow opening. Try to reach out to your best staff. They will think about you and how they were treated. So be sure to call those who you trust and the ones who trust you. If you are unable to get those rock star staff members back, you may need to put on an advertisement. With limited funds in your pocket use social media to you advantage. List the positions on your Facebook and Instagram pages. Join a few local Facebook groups that members of you community are part of. List the openings there so the people in your town can see the post, and tag their friends and family who are looking for a new job.


Kitchen Upgrades

We know that the budget is tight, or even non existent for some. While you have little to no staff, and more time on your hands, you should really consider making so real upgrades to the kitchen. When you are busy, cooking and cleaning daily, you don’t have time to shut the kitchen down to uninstall an old appliance and get the new one put in. Then you need to test it for safety. Look at what your peers are doing, and how to do it with safety in mind – so remember to check for peace of mind.

What appliances are the oldest? Which are the most used? Those are the two main focuses on buying new equipment. If you need more storage for refrigeration look into a large cooler, if you don’t have the room, then consider how you can reorganize and use shelving in the unit for a more effective was to store.  If you need a new stove, be sure to also upgrade the hood from a reliable brand like 


Whenever you reopen just remember, this is your business. This is your choice and you know you are strong enough to make it through all this.

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