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Electric Fireplace – Minor Details Require Major Consideration

Planning to buy an electric fireplace this winter for your home. It’s a great idea. But, before executing your plan of purchasing an electric fireplace, there are minor details that need your high consideration. Ignoring them could result in putting your money on fire. Therefore, we have created a list of minor details to know about before going to shop.


Check Out The Power Supply

Do Not Ignore The Flaming Effect

Considering Room Size

Study Maintenance Factor

Features Addition

  • Check Out The Power Supply


As the name emphasizes, electric fireplace, there is no way that it can work without electricity. Hence, it is important to check the nearby power supply outlet. Keep in mind, most electric fireplace works with a standard power cord and plug. Therefore a nearby plugin connection can solve your purpose. But if you are using built-in fireplaces, it needs to be hard to wire at your home electrics. You need to buy an additional power kit. 

  • Do Not Ignore The Flaming Effect


Fireplaces are purchased to experience the flaming effect. But, an electric fireplace works on the artificial flame. This flame is created by reflecting light off and rotating mirrors. That looks wonderful and gives you a soothing experience with the look and ambiance of having a real fire in your home. Therefore, while buying electric fire, check what brand or lightning effect you want to experience. Bear in mind, low-cost fireplaces have a less realistic flame effect and high prices have a better flame vision.  

  • Considering Room Size


Examining room size is important while deciding on a room heater. There are two types of heaters used in electric fireplaces: fan-forced heaters and infrared heaters. But the choice of the heater solely depends on your room size. For example, when going for an electric fireplace insert in bedroom or similar rooms, using a fan-forced heater will be a good option. On the other hand, heaters for the living room or areas about 1000sqft require an infrared heater. Remember, infrared heaters are meant to cover larger space, therefore these are expensive heaters over fan-forced.

  • Study Maintenance Factor


When you are weighing an electric fireplace on maintenance factors, remember one thing. The flame of the fireplace is not real. It requires bulbs or led lights to give it a catchy and flame-like appearance. Bulbs in fireplaces are less expensive than lead.  Therefore, the life of bulbs is also less than led to fireplaces. Hence, if you choose led over the bulb, its maintenance cost is definitely less. So, do not forget to check your budget for bearing regular maintenance costs.

  • Features Addition


Many electric fireplaces available with a number of breathtaking features, such as: 


  • Remote control
  • Thermostatic control
  • Timer functionality
  • Overheat protection
  • Flame only functionality
  • Flame speed and brightness control
  • Multi-color flames


This means you can have the liberty to choose your featured fireplace model. One-click from the remote can help you to set temperature while sitting on the couch. Moreover, some models of the fireplace also have an option to enjoy flaming in summer without heating. 


Getting first-hand knowledge helps you to choose the right type of fireplace for your home. So do not forget these tips when you are going fireplace shopping. 

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