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Are You Considering Moving to a New State?

Moving is a big decision. Sometimes you want to move, other times you have to move. Either way there are so many choices and emotions that go along with a move. When you decide to move to another state you have a lot to plan and do. So get your Google Doc or pad of paper ready, because friend, you are going to have a lot of notes, plans and thoughts you need to keep track of.

It is not easy to relocate to a new state. However, if you are familiar with the area you are moving to, it may be a little easier. For example, if you know the cost of living in places like Pasadena (read more on, it will be much easier for you to move.


When the plan to move over state lines is settled you need to get organized on how the move will happen. Moving out of the state takes more than a little rental truck. You don’t have days to run back and forth between locations dropping boxes and furniture at your leisure. For moving interstate with newborn let the experts do their job. First make a plan on how you are going to pack your belongings. You will need to keep a few things handy so they don’t get lost in all the boxes. Then call Pasadena moving company to be sure you get the dates and right size truck you require. Then, they day of the move you should put aside the following:

  • Coffee maker, coffee, mugs and sugar
  • Bed sheets (this a going to make you so happy that you can sleep that evening comfortably)
  • Toiletry – toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo and conditioner and any lotions
  • Medications. Keep these safe and close – in a purse or laptop be would be best
  • Important documents – your social security cards, licenses, birth certification, insurance cards …..

Understandably, moving out to a new place can be a cumbersome process. While a removalist company may not be able to relieve all of your stress, you can hire them if you need to move your furniture, cupboard, or even your favorite utensils. You can either contact a local vendor to transfer all of your belongings, or can conduct a simple yet effective Google search for “Sydney Move” (or any other place) to contact removalist companies in your area.

Setting Up Your New Home

Now that you have a home full of boxes, you will probably feel overwhelmed and a tad excited. You may have planned where you want what furniture, what rooms people will claim as their own, and may want to run right out to TJ Maxx to find some new towels and décor. You may have also contacted a local locksmith by now to upgrade the locks of your front door and cupboards, which can improve the visual, physical, and security of your new home. However, as you unpack all the boxes you will start to reminisce, and think of when you bought that lamp, how you felt that Christmas when you received that scarf form you late Aunt. Then, you will being to sneeze! Wonder where that Kleenex box is. This is because you packed your old dust and its mixing with your new dust. This is completely normal, but very annoying. You will want to quickly order from so you can get some quality and affordable UV Satanizing products.

Before you unpack everything shift the boxes to the right room. This way you don’t have to keep running between rooms. Grab that document list you started and see what notes you may have forgotten. Reminders of what boxes hold what items so you can easily more towards completion.

Schools and Utilities

Now you are in the new home and feeling accomplished. But don’t stop now, there is more work to be done. Call your local city buildings and talk to the board of education. Do you plan on enrolling your children in a private schools or independent schools? If it’s a private school ask about uniforms and if they have bussing available. If you are deciding on something as important as schooling for your child’s future, you might as well look at something different like various private middle schools in jacksonville fl (or wherever you have moved).

At the same time you need to be setting up the utilities. You may have started this before you moved, which would be the wisest choice. But, now you are here and you need to be sure you have the right ones. Are you getting cable or will you be only requiring smart TV streaming services? Does your washing machine use electric or gas? Do you have any HOA requirements? This will all work itself out in a few weeks as long as you keep up with calling them and checking your first bills to be sure you are being charged correctly.

Meet the Neighbors

Sadly, people don’t always welcome the new family that moves in. But, hopefully your new apartment or house will be in a place where you can make new friends and have positive relations with. If you are nervous and don’t want to just walk up to someone’s how I would suggest you have your family hang outside a bit. Let the kids play in the yard while you weed, have a drink or simple sit on your lawn chairs. As people take walks and others walk their dogs you have the perfect opportunity to say hello and introduce yourself. Best off, if your children join the Scouts you can walk door to door selling those tasty cookies, popcorn and chocolate coated nuts.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy your move. Keep your lists close, but the memories closer.

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