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It’s totally normal to want to add a fresh look to your home every now and then, although making any major improvements can, of course, cost a fair bit of money. We’ve looked at some ways to improve your home before, but budget constraints weren’t the focus of that piece. If we can improve some spaces with a tiny investment, then why not? 


It’s certainly becoming a lot more common these days, particularly with mum’s who want to get their kids involved in some fun and creative design. Sprucing up – and ultimately adding value to – a home is a fun and rewarding exercise too, with numerous hacks and clever little additions you can make to help elevate a room. It’s certainly more productive than lounging around on the sofa all day watching television or exploring more online roulette games in Canada, and those leisurely activities will be far more enjoyable when you’re living it up in your swanky new space that cost next to nothing to improve. There are so many things you can do to give your home a facelift, too. 


So, with that in mind, here’s a look at some cheap and cheerful ways to spruce up your home. 


Use chalkboard paint on the inside of cupboard doors


We mentioned getting the kids involved, and this is one idea that they’ll certainly want to have a go at. Simply spraying some chalkboard paint on the inside of a cupboard can give your kitchen a stylish look, although if you’re wanting to add some fun into your dining space and get the kids involved then giving them some chalk to write on their very own cupboard could be worth trying. Alternatively, you could write a list of what’s inside the cupboard ahead of cooking up a big family feast or having people round to stay who might not know where anything is. 


Make some cushions 


Not only is it relatively simple to do and incredibly cheap to buy the required materials also, but making cushions will give you the opportunity to apply a design you really like to a room. You can select the fabric you like and the exact type of pillow you want, all while giving a room a completely fresh look in the process too. Cushions can go a long way, after all.


Hide your router 


Internet routers aren’t the most attractive of things, which is why clever hacks like using a hollowed-out book to fit it into are worth considering. From there, you could place ornaments on top of the book, perhaps. A simple but effective touch, hiding your Wi-Fi router will allow you to declutter your space and conceal what can be an annoyance. 


Disguise what you can’t replace 

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Fixing a damaged floor or a stained carpet isn’t always kind on the wallet, which is why disguising an unpleasant sight is a clever alternative, and it works a treat too. Try laying a rug over a stained carpet or a beautiful throw over a dusty old sofa. It’s simple and can look excellent.


Turn old jewellery into fridge magnets 


Another one to potentially get the kids involved with, turning old jewellery into fridge magnets will enable you to add some extra style to your kitchen. Whether it’s a broken brooch or some rusty old jewellery, sticking them to the back of a magnet will add a fresh look to your fridge and ultimately give your kitchen a quirky new look too. 


Other ideas are spray paint photo frames, use old wallpaper on bookcases, and get creative with wall stencils.