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Hangover Anxiety: Organic Ways to Deal with ‘Hangxiety’

Hangxiety is hangover-induced anxiety that you get after a full night partying with friends. Often some of us cross our limits and end up having more alcohol than our body can take. Consequently, we get the feeling of dizziness and extreme tiredness in the morning after we wake up. That follows logically by unbearable headaches and nausea.

There are many reasons behind hangovers. Similarly, many symptoms are depending upon the quantity and type of drink you consume. However, all experts claim that dehydration is the main cause of the short-term effects of alcohol. Some researches claim that there’s a connection between alcohol use and the weakened immune system.

While many pills are claiming to do the job, here are some scientific tips to cure your hangover. They are natural treatments and are much safer than medication that can have adverse effects on you.

Preventative Measures:

Before you start drinking, consume fatty foods and nutrients rich in carbs. Sure, you want to look slim on your night out. Still, the fact is, fatty food decelerates the absorption of alcohol and helps lessen stomach irritation. Carbs prevent low blood sugar and nausea. This gives your body the power to process harmful bi-products of alcohol. Don’t forget to take cranberry tea or lime juice to save you from gastric disorders.

Stay away from oily and fried food. Avoid activity after you eat. Don’t drink if you’re too tired already; otherwise, it can cause extreme cramping. Your sleep is disrupted when you take too much alcohol, and this is not a good feeling. Moreover, you can use White Borneo Kratom from kratom krush to relax your muscles. Kratom is a plant with components that are often used to help with stress, depression, and pain relief. It can help you to relax your body which in turn can help you to get a good night’s sleep or ensure that you can deal with anxiety, especially after a hangover. If you are new to using Kratom, and have any questions such as How long does kratom lasts, or what types of products you can use. You can always search online for more information or talk with your medical professional to see if it’s the best option for you.

Water Is Your Best Friend:

Yes, nothing can beat the taste of pure drinking water, especially in desert-stranded thirst after a long session of drinking. According to scientists, our body loses one liter of water for every 250mm of mixed alcohol we consume. Alcohol is a diuretic substance. This means that you’ll pee more than your water intake. If you end up with less water in your body, other organs start to take it from your brain. Eventually, that will cause a headache and dizziness.

Eat Light, Drink Light:

Choose lighter colored liquors. Dark drinks like red wine and whiskey contain a higher concentration of toxic chemicals. In addition to that, avoid carbonated drinks and beer before drinking alcohol. They can increase the absorption of alcohol. As a result, that will increase the chances of dehydration. Having said that, if you are prone to binge-drinking or are unable to control alcohol intake, you must realise that you could have a problem, and try reading some stop drinking books to see if they might help you exercise some control. Self help books might prove to be useful once you are set on your goal of reducing your drinking problem. However, if you feel that you need that extra push towards curbing your liquor intake, or even completely cutting it off, you could look at Phoenix House CA and similar rehabilitation centres who could give you potential solutions via treatments and therapy!

Super Breakfast:

Your breakfast can make all the difference. Eggs contain cysteine and amino acid, which is required in the breakdown of alcohol. Eating food rich in carbs will also help you boost energy. Broccoli and spinach are also very effective for hydrating your body. Load up on Vitamin C with fruits and veggies like broccoli, oranges, and strawberries.

Life-Saving Delicious Smoothies:

Bananas contain potassium, which is indispensable for brain muscles and body functioning. Fruit juice contains vitamins and Fructose, which gives you energy and increases the rate at which your body can excrete toxins. A banana smoothie can be a great snack for your breakfast to prepare you for your long day. If your headache can withstand the sound of a blender, a smoothie of coconut water, banana, and peanut butter can lessen the effect of drinking. Last but not least, lemon smoothie is the best among the lot. It contains high amounts of vitamin C. Not only that, but it also has detoxifying properties that work wonders for digestive discomfort.

The Miracles of Herbal Tea:

Chamomile tea helps calm the emotionally overwhelming feelings you get after drinking heavily. It can also help you sleep more soundly and relieve an upset stomach. Peppermint tea can help you reduce your anxiety and stress as it has healing properties. It eases your mind without making you feel drowsy. Lastly, kava can be a very effective type of tea to cure your anxiety and boost your immunity.


On the South Pacific Islands where kava originates, kava is used for both ceremonial and medicinal purposes – primarily for its powerful relaxing effects and the mild euphoric high it produces. Nowadays, kava is primarily used to help manage stress, anxiety, mild depression, and insomnia. Some use it for meditative purposes or to experience the mild, yet enjoyable high the plant produces. Learn more about Kava at

Ginger Does Wonders:

Gingers work miracles for an upset stomach, which is often a common symptom of a hangover-chemical compounds in ginger help to ease stomach pain and aid digestion. You can make a ginger smoothie or prepare ginger tea. Both have their benefits, and you can drink whichever you prefer. You can also use it with turmeric or add a little amount of it in the smoothie. They both work as a duo to fight against pathogens and aid greatly in relieving pain in any part of the body.

Time for Some Supplements:

Try taking a few natural additives to help you go through your hangover. Red ginseng has a quality to reduce alcohol levels in the blood. It also contributes to minimizing the effects of a hangover. Another supplement is Borage oil, which is an extract from starflower. According to recent research, borage oil has the ability to reduce the symptoms of alcohol by 88%. That makes it a very reliable source of treating hangovers. Curcumin is also a widely used supplement to get rid of post-drinking problems as it contains anti-inflammatory substances.

So, these are the most popular and most widely used methods to prevent a hangover and to get back in shape. You can also use some other methods, including pickle juice and Korean pear juice.

Hopefully, the next time when you wake up and realize you have overdone it, you won’t have a problem to deal with it.

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