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5 Ideas To Make Your Home More Secure



Protecting your family home is a top priority, and there are many ways that you can make your home more secure. From security cameras to the perfect set of doors, let’s consider a few of the best options.


  1. Update Your Locks 


To improve your home security system, it’s a good idea to update your locks. One of the most secure types of locks is a mortice lock. These work by using a large slotting mechanism, connected inside the interior of your door. Inside the slotting mechanism, there are a series of parallel levers, a bolt gap, and a bolt stop. You can purchase five- lever mortice locks, or locks with seven-levers. 


  1. A Home Alarm System


A home alarm system is a great way to make your property more secure. There are several alarm systems to choose from, including wired alarms, wireless alarms and monitored systems.


  • Monitored Alarm System: These alarm systems are directly connected to a security professional. A monitored alarm system will automatically notify security personnel and the emergency services, if necessary.


  • Wireless Alarm System: A wireless alarm system works by using a series of sensors, a control panel, and radiofrequency. 
  • Wired Alarm Systems: Wired alarm systems are slightly older and more basic. These use an electrical circuit, which connects two endpoints. An electrical current flows when the doors and windows to your property are shut. Your alarm system is then triggered when any window or door is opened.


3 . Home Security Camera


Home security cameras are recording devices which capture footage in and surrounding your home. The system works using a computer, tablet or smartphone. A typical home security camera uses motion sensors, beginning a recording when they detect motion. You can also get cameras which record 24 hours a day.


Security cameras can be wireless or wired. The wireless type works by sending footage to a cloud server, using the Internet. These wireless cameras are sometimes called ‘smart cameras’; it’s simple to integrate them with other smart devices. Wired cameras are connected to a video storage system (on-site). These cameras use cables and do not generally rely on Wi-Fi.


  1. Upgrade Your Doors


When you’re making security adjustments to your home, it’s a good idea to upgrade your doors. For a durable solution, sliding door security is a great option. With sliding security doors, you’ll get a sturdy set of doors to protect your home. Many homeowners opt for a security door as opposed to a traditional home security system. The type of security system you choose will depend on your preferences and needs as a household.


Whichever adjustments you make to your home it can be helpful to put a budget in place before you make any final decisions. With the right home security measures in place, you’ll get peace of mind and safety for your family. Beyond this, it’s advisable to get contents insurance, to protect yourself financially in the event of a break in.


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