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Top Tips For Closing Up Your Summer Home

Image by Louise Dav from Pixabay 


As the summer draws to a close and the autumn sets in with darker nights and colder days, it’s time to think about closing up your summer home for another season. This might be something you’ve done many times before or it could be something you’re doing for the first time, but as the world has changed over the last few months with the Coronavirus pandemic, this time it is more important than ever that you get your close down right. It may be longer before you can back to your summer home or it might be that you or a family member need to use it earlier than planned to self-isolate. While this is a possibility, it’s important to shut the house down as if you’re not coming back for a long time and if things change then you can simply open up again, but the important thing is to keep it safe so that it’s in the best condition possible for when you next come to use it. 


Inspect your property 

Start by having a walk around the inside and outside of your home to check if anything has been damaged. Don’t forget to look at your roof, your chimney, and every nook and cranny. It’s important to catch things now, and then you can decide if they need fixing now or later. It’s also important to make sure there are no animals hiding in small spaces, and you could even call animal control in as a preventative measure to make sure there’s nowhere that will attract animals over the winter. 


Turn off the water 

Even if you keep the heating on over the winter, it is a good idea to turn your water supply off to prevent freezing pipes.


Empty and clean your appliances

Take all the food out of your fridge and freezer and make sure you wipe them down with an antibacterial spray. Once they are clean, leave the fridge and freezer doors slightly open to prevent any mould and mildew growth. It’s also a good idea to clean your oven and then unplug it or turn the gas off. Disconnect and unplug your washing machine and if you want to clean this before the winter then simply run a normal cycle with vinegar.


Put everything away

You won’t be needing your outdoor furniture anymore so to keep it safe, store it in a locked garage or shed. If you don’t have this space available, then it might be an idea to rent a storage unit for the winter. 


Invest in some smart tech 

While your home is empty, if you want extra peace of mind, invest in some smart technology which will keep it extra secure over the months you can’t be there. Install a security system which can notify you as well as the relevant authorities if an alarm goes off. You can also install security cameras which can connect to your smartphone, and you can get a smart system where you can turn your lights on and off, which can make it look like you’re there. 


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