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5 Tips for Optimizing Your Daily Routine

Everyone would like to be able to get more done in a day. Whether you’re a worker, athlete, or business owner, being able to be productive is what can give you an edge and help you live a more fulfilled life. If you look at most successful people, they all have a very strict routine, and you’ll notice that some elements keep on reappearing. That’s because there are fundamental techniques that have been used for ages to get things done, and these still work today. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can optimize your daily routine.

Listen to Your Body

Many people will advocate that you start your day as early as possible, usually around 5 AM. While some people have the mental fortitude for it, it might not be for everyone. You have to respect your body’s cycles, and if you simply cannot find a way to go to bed by 9 PM, getting up at 5 AM will not only be difficult, but counterproductive. Strategic thinking tips, maybe, could help you plan your day better and make you more productive as well.

One thing you could surely want, however, is to have a strict sleep schedule and stick to it. You also want to take all the steps necessary to make sure that you get optimal sleep. This all starts by choosing the right mattress.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, we suggest you start researching the different types of mattresses out there. And don’t fall for the trends, or even worse, the price. The highest-priced mattresses are not always the best, and some manufacturers will be happy to sell you the same mattress for two completely different prices to take advantage of that bias. Instead, look at the major types of mattresses on the market in detail, and carefully look at the pros and cons of each before you come to a decision.

Break Up Your Work

Instead of taking on long projects with no breaks, try to work in sprints instead. Work 45 minutes then take a 15-minute break. And make sure that you don’t do anything that stimulates you too much during that time. That would be the perfect time to go outside and get a little bit of fresh air. Getting your work-rest balance right can change up a lot of things for you. It’s true, everyone aspires to be unstoppable and highly effective at what they do, and it is definitely possible. As can be read on blogs like, it’s all a matter of our beliefs, habits, and priorities. So get your priorities straight and climb the ladder of self-development.

Have a Clear Schedule

You want to schedule all your daily activities down to the minute. You want to plan how much time you will dedicate to each task. That also includes mundane activities like cleaning or cooking. If you have to do something every day, always do it at the same time so it becomes ingrained into you.

Add Some Exercise

Getting daily exercise is essential if you want to operate optimally. Getting some activity first thing in the morning is the perfect way to get that blood pumping and well oxygenated. You’ll be surprised at how good you feel and how clear your thoughts can be after a 45-minute brisk walk. Try to get some exercise at the beginning of the day and during the day for better performance.

Optimize Your Workspace

You also have to make sure that your space is optimized for work and that it only serves this function. Don’t work on your bed or you’ll eventually feel sluggish. Not only that, but getting sleep will become difficult once your brain associates your bed with work.

Make sure that the spot you pick is isolated from other parts of the house if possible, but make sure it’s healthy. You want plenty of fresh air and natural light. Also, consider having the area mold tested to make sure that the air quality is good.


These are all tricks that will allow you to work to the best of your abilities and improve performance. Always try to find ways to improve your routine and remember to respect your limits.

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