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Everything You Need To Know About Rehab


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Even in 2020, rehab, short for rehabilitation, is a taboo subject. If you hear of a celebrity ‘going to rehab,’ you immediately picture a drug-addicted mess of a person being wheeled into a facility against their will. Anything and everything we know in popular culture about rehab is a stereotype; from the types of people who attend rehab, to the look of the facilities, to the accessibility of it. In truth, rehab is not simply a getaway for celebrities who have been living it large, it is an essential service which anyone with an addiction can access. Addiction is experienced by approximately every one in ten Americans – it is truly an overlooked subject by so many people.

What Happens In Rehab?

Depending on the severity of your addiction and the plan your rehabilitation centre places you on, experiences of rehab can differ. If you are an in-patient, you will live at the rehabilitation centre for a period of time, and be given medical treatment, counselling, and be possibly having addiction group therapy with other patients. Rehab is all about healing, not shame. The idea behind rehab is that you are able to heal from your addiction in a safe, supportive place that provides you with the time you need to quit your addiction and be helped through this difficult process. It isn’t easy, but this process will be just the first step in your recovery from addiction. Most people are hesitant to go to a rehabilitation center when they are concerned about the environment they will find there. In such a case, people might also consider a luxury rehab center, where they can undergo treatment in an environment that is similar to the outside world. A rehab center can always be found by searching for keywords such as “Luxury rehab USA” according to your vicinty.

What if I need help with my addiction, but don’t need to be admitted?

If you are not in need of full-time rehabilitation facility care, but you are struggling with an addiction with which you need help, you can be an out-patient at a rehab centre. This means you go to therapy and group meetings and activity sessions with doctors, and are closely monitored, but you don’t have to move into the facility. If you are able, you can keep your job and family life while attending Rehab After Work, meaning you can adapt to rehab in your current routine. Many addicts prefer this method as it is less disruptive and allows them to put the tools they learn in rehab into real-world practice.

What makes me eligible for rehab?

If you are entering into a private rehab facility, the eligibility depends on the individual institution. Generally, you can admit yourself to rehab. Apart from in especially severe situations, another person cannot admit you to rehab without your consent.


You will usually be given a pre-intake screening, which might be a meeting or phone call, about your addiction. The doctor will ask a few questions to determine what kind of treatment you need. After that, your insurance and payment will be discussed, and you can arrange your travel to the facility.


If you are struggling with addiction, the important thing to remember is that help is out there. Rehab has many negative connotations in the media, but at the end of the day, you can and should invest in your future life, health and happiness.


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