Struggling to sleep is a frustrating problem which can take its toll on your mental health. Having sleep issues may make you feel anxious, and these feelings of stress only make the problem worse. Thankfully there are a few nifty apps which can help you to sleep better and improve your wellbeing.

  1. Headspace

Headspace is a mindfulness app, supporting users to learn about meditation and de-stress. The application offers hundreds of meditations and sleep audio guides to promote a good night’s rest. If you struggle to sleep, simply put on a sleep soundtrack, and allow yourself to relax and drift off. Headspace includes plenty of great advice to help users appreciate the present moment and live with intention.

  1. Pzizz

Pzizz is an excellent application to help you improve your sleep. The application works by playing ‘dreamscapes’; these dreamscapes are a combination of sound effects, voiceover and sleep music. These dreamscapes are perfect for easing your mind and helping you sleep. After using Pzizz, you’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and fresh! Whether you want to take power naps or improve your night’s rest, Pzizz has got you covered.

  1. Calm

Calm is an excellent app for meditation, relaxation and sleep. Whether you’re suffering from stress, anxiety, or lack of sleep, Calm can help you to ease your symptoms and get back on the right track. Here you’ll find breathing programs, relaxing music, sleep stories and much more! With 100+ sleep guides for both adults and children, you’re sure to improve your night’s rest with Calm. With a comfortable sleep, you’ll find that you feel much happier in general. There’s nothing worse than a bad night’s rest to ruin the next day! And sometimes, having a toothache can ruin your night, and cause you several uncomfortable nights; in such cases, be sure to schedule an appointment with the dentist tallahassee to get the professional help necessary in order to get the best night’s rest possible.

  1. Slumber

With the Slumber app, users can access a wide range of meditations or relaxing stories to help them fall asleep. These slumber episodes have been designed to help users to switch off their minds and feel calm. There are plenty of natural sounds to sleep, soothe your mind and drift off. The app also offers bedtime stories for kids, mindfulness exercises, suggestive hypnosis, and background ambience. Once you’ve been using Slumber for a week or so, you’ll notice the difference in no time. if hypnosis does work for you, you could take up hypnotherapy courses for yourself and use this to fall asleep faster!

  1. Relax & Sleep Well

The Relax & Sleep Well app was created by Glen Harrold, and experienced therapist and hypnotherapist. There are plenty of recordings here focusing on different themes, including sleep, mindfulness, self-esteem, addictions and more. The ‘Relax & Sleep Well’ audio track is a ‘29 minute hypnotherapy session’, taking users on a calming journey of self-hypnosis. The journey will allow you to relax, sleep better and improve your overall well being. You can also learn more about this breathing app to improve your sleep.

When you’re struggling with sleep issues, it’s important to build coping techniques, whether it’s sleep apps, herbal supplements, or reducing stress levels. Sleep issues are also associated with symptoms like teeth grinding and feelings of anxiety. To stop teeth grinding, you may need to look at reducing your stress levels. It can also be helpful to use a mouthguard.

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