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When To Have A Baby Shower – Great Tips, Tricks & Considerations To Keep In Mind

Choosing the right time for a baby shower can be a nightmare. There are lots of activities to think about, but for starters you need to organize a time when everyone can attend. It’s not easy, but there are ways to determine when to have a baby shower and still enjoy this important celebration. At the end of the day, it is all about having fun, rather than feeling stressed.

There are of course other factors to take in consideration when trying to determine the right time to celebrate and each of them can play a significant role in the planning process. This article will help give you a nudge in the right direction and help you make a decision

When to have a baby shower

Most people choose to organize a baby shower anywhere between 24 and 32 weeks of the pregnancy. Of course there is no set rule and there are people having a shower earlier, later and occasionally even after the baby is born. The date is up to you but there are certainly some factors to consider.

Holiday seasons

According to Shutterfly, holiday seasons can affect the best time to do baby shower. People are often out of town or have plans already around the holidays. A good solution is to have your guests pick multiple days when they are available and then from that pick a day everyone can attend.

Outdoor seasons

The springtime is a great option if you want to organize the baby shower outdoors, but the summertime can be just as handy. Keep in mind that the weather can get pretty hot, not to mention an unexpected storm or rain. Check the weather and make sure you have a backup plan, you don’t want the shower to have an actual shower leaving the expectant mother feeling a little miserable.

Birthdays and celebrations

Ideally, the date and time for your baby shower should not be close to the mother’s birthday or another similar celebration that involves getting gifts. Otherwise, gifts will overlap. She might get a baby blanket for her birthday, which might be good for the baby but Mom’s need fun gifts for them too!

Twins or multiples

According to The Spruce, if you are expecting twins or multiples, you may want to plan the shower for the end of the second trimester or at the very beginning of the third trimester, simply because twins tend to come earlier. It wouldn’t be fun to have to cancel at the last minute due to giving birth. Doing it at the right time also gives you a bit of time to organize the nursery with the gifts.

Culture and religion

The experts at Health Line agree that religion and culture might affect your decision on when to have a baby shower too. Certain cultures or religions do not agree with celebrating a baby before it is born. There are, of course, a few benefits of having the baby shower after the birth – the most obvious one being seeing the baby!


Based on What To Expect, the geographic location is just as important. If your family is split all around the world, it will be a bit challenging to determine the right time to celebrate. There are health guidelines surrounding when a pregnant woman can fly during her pregnancy to ensure her and her unborn baby stay healthy and safe. You may consider coinciding it with an annual family reunion to make things easier.

The right day of the week

The day of the week normally depends on your guests. In over 90% of all cases, baby showers are held on weekends due to most people working during the week. Of course if your friends and family work on the weekends, a weekday baby shower is fine!

The right time of the day

Now, how about the best time of the day for your baby shower? The professionals at Parents agree that more and more people choose lunchtime for a baby shower. Some women choose something small with their best friends and family only, so they opt for brunch. There are also people who would rather sip some cocktails before sunset. So really it depends on you and what types of things you and your loved ones enjoy doing.

Before or after?

While lots of people agree that the best time to do baby shower is before the actual birth, more and more people turn to the alternative these days – after the birth. Which option is better? The truth is it depends on finding the perfect date and time for your baby shower, but it is also a matter of personal preferences. Both choices have their own advantages to take into consideration.

Before the birth

This is the most common option out there. It is also quite practical; you will receive lots of gifts which you can unpack and set up, this leaves you to plan what remaining items you still need for the baby and the nursery. This gives you plenty of time to organize everything by the book.

On top of unpacking and setting things up you may need to prepare many of the baby’s things. Some items will need to be cleaned and washed – maybe disinfected or boiled as well. You will have all the time in the world to ensure your baby has everything ready before the delivery.

Not only this but an early baby shower allows you to set the gift registry first – no room for guesswork, random gifts or things that you already have.

Another advantage to having the shower prior to giving birth is that you will have more energy, giving birth will drain you. It may be weeks or even months before you feel energized again. Practically, you will not be able to host the baby shower straight away. If you do so you may feel so exhausted and tired that you can barely enjoy the shower itself..

After the birth

Baby showers after birth are often referred to as sip and see events. In other words, guests come over to socialize, celebrate, bring gifts and see the baby. This is probably the most important reason to have the baby shower after giving birth. You are back on track and your baby is there – the most important guest at the party. Sure, there might be a few interruptions if your little one cries out of nowhere or needs to be fed, but at least everyone can see the baby.

Additionally, delaying the virtual baby shower until after the birth can also increase the excitement. People are naturally excited about your pregnancy; they want to know whether it is a boy or a girl, they want to know what name you gave him or her and most importantly they want to see the baby. The more you delay the baby shower, the more excited they will be.

While most parents will choose to reveal the gender early, some couples want to be surprised. They do not want to know anything until the baby decides to join the world. They will, indeed, think of names for both girls and boys, but they still want the excitement associated with a surprise. Some parents might have particular ideas of what to name their baby, whether a boy or a girl, and may look at pages like this one that gives a list of 17 Names That Mean Light Bringer to draw inspiration from. Whatever the case, it depends on every couple whether to reveal the gender during the baby shower or not.

In this case, having the baby shower after the actual birth will come with a major benefit – everyone will know the gender. People will know what kind of gifts to bring in. Without knowing the gender the gifts will be more general and some guests might get worried about what to get for the baby.

Tips and tricks when considering when to have a baby shower

There are a few tips and tricks to help you out if not sure when to have a baby shower.

Choosing the perfect baby shower invitation cards can be stressful for a soon-to-be mom. But do not fret; there are numerous options online from respectable designers. This is an excellent option if you do not have the time to customize the invitation cards but want some room to unleash your creativity. You can even keep your card’s design gender-neutral if you wish. Whatever you end up choosing, you still have complete control over the names on the cards, and you can write those yourself with a flourish!

While everyone is free to choose when to have a baby shower (some do it as soon as they find out about the pregnancy), most such events are organized after 20 weeks into the pregnancy. If you are ready for celebration and you are already getting the nursery setup, you can start designing invitations and planning for this great event.

There are a few controversies about it, but you can easily have a baby shower after 32 weeks as well. Make sure you are ready for a mild party and there are no complications.

On the other other hand, it pays off waiting until you give birth if you are 38 weeks into the pregnancy. It might be a bit too late for parties, regardless of how simple and mild they are.

Final words

Overall, different couples have varying ideas of when the best time is to have a baby shower. If undecided on when to have a baby shower, the above factors should help you decide what will work best for you.

This decision might seem challenging and stressful at times as you narrow your dates and consider the different elements, but know that a little bit of organization and attention to the details goes a long way. The key thing to remember is that the day is about you and your baby and you are there to enjoy it!

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