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How You Can Take Better Care Of Your Hearing Health


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We all take our senses for granted; however, over time, these can deteriorate. 


Losing your hearing can be tough. You’ll miss out on things that people are saying, and it can cause you to become more withdrawn and to avoid certain social situations. 


Hearing loss can impact your enjoyment of your favourite music, and it can affect your overall enjoyment of life. 


Taking care of your hearing health is important, and you should be aware of the signs of hearing loss, and what you can do to avoid them. 


Here’s how you can take better care of your hearing health. 


Turn Down The Volume


If you’re someone who enjoys their music turned up to eleven, unfortunately, by doing this you’re putting your hearing at great risk of getting damaged. 


The hearing loss sustained through damage to the inner ear from loud music is not reversible. While you may be able to wear a hearing aid to help you to be able to hear, it is not curable. 


So, turn down the volume whenever you’re listening to music. 


If you’re using headphones, consider getting noise-cancelling headphones that block out external sounds. You can also check out the list of 12 best home subwoofers which can add to the overall look of your home. Also, many modern devices that play music will have warning signs that come up when you’re listening through headphones. Take heed of these warnings and don’t exceed the recommended volume levels. 


Use Earplugs In Loud Environments


If you need to spend any length of time in a noisy environment, use suitable ear protection. This may mean wearing earplugs if you are attending a concert. You’ll still hear the band play, but you’ll not damage your hearing as you do so. 


If you work in a factory or on a construction site, your employer should provide you with ear protectors. Wear these as directed around any noisy machinery. If these have not been provided, talk with your employers and request them. If they fail to do this, speak with your employment union.


Get A Hearing Test 


If you’re concerned that you’re not quite hearing what other people are saying as well as you should be, or that you have to turn the volume up quite loud on the TV, then it is important that you book yourself in for a hearing test


A hearing specialist will be able to identify the extent of your hearing loss and suggest ways to address this. It may be suggested that you need medical help to remove wax or to fight an infection, or it may be suggested that you get a hearing aid. Whatever the suggestion, you’ll be able to enjoy a better quality of hearing once more. 


Keep Your Ears Clean And Dry 


Infections can cause you to develop hearing problems. It is possible to have a build-up of earwax which can impact your ability to ear. 


You can avoid the types of blockages caused by infections by keeping your ears clean and dry.


If you’ve just been swimming or had a bath or shower, tilt your head to each side to allow any trapped water to drain out of your ears. Then, gently pat your ears down with a dry towel. 


If you’re a swimmer, you’ll be prone to getting an infection that is commonly called swimmer’s ear, to avoid this happening, wear swimmers earplugs to stop the water flowing into your ear canal. 


If you have an earache or cold and flu symptoms, get the help your doctor to treat these. This will stop any underlying lingering infections from affecting your hearing in the longer term. 


If you have a blockage of earwax, your doctor may be able to help to drain this, allowing you to hear fully once more. 


Don’t Put Anything Inside Your Ears


If you are someone that cleans earwax out of your ear canals using a cotton bud, your fingertips, or any other small object, then you are risking damaging your ears even more. 


It is perfectly normal to have some ear wax inside your ears; in fact, it’s actually quite healthy. Your ears are designed to clean themselves. The wax is there to stop dust from getting into the ear canal. 


By pushing a cotton bud tip into your ear, you’re risking prodding and damaging sensitive parts of your inner ear,


If you need to reduce the amount of ear wax because you have a blockage, put ear wax remover into your ears and allow that to break down the wax. You will need to repeat this process over the course of a few days. 


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