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Guide on How to Clean and Disinfect Homes Health During Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that businesses operate on a daily basis. Plenty of establishments have hired commercial cleaning services or require staff to do a daily deep clean. The state guidelines differ across the country in regards to capacity requirements and if certain businesses are allowed to be open. Keeping your family safe is going to be your top priority and this starts in the home. Enforcing social distancing is important as a parent even if you have a teen that you want to go hang out with a group of friends. Cleaning the home is going to be another facet of keeping the family safe but not all tips are intuitive. The virus is not like other sicknesses as it is extremely contagious and can live on certain surfaces for days. Below are tips to help you clean and disinfect your home during Coronavirus.

Cleaning Areas the Entire Family Touches Often

Coronavirus home cleaning is going to be more intense than your usual cleaning routine. The fact that the virus can live on certain surfaces like plastic or metal means the virus could be living in your home now! You need to clean areas that are touched frequently on a daily basis. This will include toys that your children have taken out of the home and even the toilet. Phones and computers should also be cleaned but make sure to do this delicately as to not damage your electronics. Products that should be used should include at least 70 percent alcohol to kill COVID-19. The following are tips to clean your home in the correct way to prevent the spread of the virus:

  • You need to wash something with soap and water first. This does not mean that the job is done as you will have to go over the same surface with disinfectant. Wearing gloves is recommended as many cleaning products can be harmful to the skin especially when you are cleaning daily.
  • Allow the disinfectant to sit on the surface for a few minutes so it can actively kill viral germs. Wiping down a surface too quickly does not allow the disinfectant to do its job.
  • Do not use vinegar as the main disinfectant or any other natural remedy. These will not kill the virus so it is better to opt for cleaning products that specifically note they help combat the virus.
  • Take the time to disinfect your dishes or items your partner/child takes to work with them.

Tips for Laundry

One of the scariest things about the virus is that it can survive on clothes for an unclosed amount of time. Researchers have already stated that the virus can live on plastic or metal which many items of clothing include. Below are some tips for doing laundry in a way that will combat the global pandemic:

  • Do not shake out your dirty close that this can lead to the virus being emitted through the surrounding air. If you must do this it is important to do it outside with some form of protection on whether it is a mask or gloves.
  • Use hot water to wash your clothes along with your favorite detergent. The importance of drying the clothes in a dryer to kill the virus shouldn’t be undervalued. Do not let your clothes air dry as this could be a recipe for disaster as the virus could survive.
  • Your laundry bin also needs to be cleaned regularly as it could be holding unwanted germs.

Personal Cleaning Station at Home/In the Garage

There are people that have to go to work around large groups of people whether they work in the service industry or medical field. If you have a garage you should have a laundry bin out there along with a bin where you can put your shoes. Changing and washing up before entering the house might seem extreme but these are extreme times. Keeping hand sanitizer in the garage is an option as those in the medical field might want to do this regularly in order to stop the spread of all kinds of sicknesses.

Keeping our families safe during this time is going to take effort. Following social distancing rules is going to stay of utmost importance but cleaning your home in the appropriate manner is essential as well.


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