As one of the most popular cities on the Coast of New Jersey, there are plenty of reasons (that include but are not limited to gambling either offline or online on to head out to Atlantic City. A vibrant tourist destination that attracts visitors from all over the world, Atlantic City is a top entertainment hotspot, which explains why big-name stars and celebrities are spotted regularly in the city’s hotels and popular casinos. Of course, some may prefer to these, but there’s plenty of other options for those who may want to play other kinds of games.

Aside from being the perfect playground for adults, Atlantic City also caters to families. You will find a vast array of activities that include fishing, surfing and so much more. Atlantic City may not have Vegas’ panache, but if you are looking for a destination that offers a mix of things to suit a broad audience, then nothing beats Atlantic City.

There are many reasons to experience Atlantic City that include:

Atlantic City is the perfect destination to relax

Atlantic City has everything that you need to have a relaxing vacation. If you are coming down from heavily populated metropolises such as New York, you may need a few days off to recharge and re-center. Search for a hotel that offers amenities designed to aid your relaxation such as a spa, heated pools or Jacuzzis, and you will be set.

According to Kate Huber, chief editor at NJGamblingFun, ‘’people often refer to Atlantic City as Las Vegas’ younger, much less alluring sister. However, Atlantic City has lots of things to offer that Vegas would be envious of including oceans and beaches, which makes it a much better destination than people give it credit for.”

Go for the beaches

If you are not heading out to Atlantic City to gamble, there is a good chance that you are going for the beaches. More than anything, the city is foremost a shore town- the famous Jersey shore and Atlantic City are synonymous.

The beaches in Atlantic City are wide with perfect waters that are ideal for various water sports that consist of paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking and more. If you don’t feel like participating in water sports, enjoy a walk along the flat terrain close to the water or better still, relax in a beach chair.

Now that you have several good reasons to go, are you looking for unique things to do while in the city? Here are 5 offbeat attractions around Atlantic City:

Go for a show

Over the years, Atlantic City has done a great job of trying to reclaim its place in history as the home for some of the world’s most popular acts. When it comes to entertainment, Atlantic City pretty much has it figured out.

Celebrity performers flock to AC and are eager to perform there because they know that there is an eager and demanding market there waiting to appreciate them. Performers are varied and include stars like Jadakiss, Quizzo, Malaa and more. You don’t need to roll the dice to catch a great show when you are out in Atlantic City.

Go to the Greek Temple Monument War Memorial

Perfect for history buffs, the Greek Temple Monument War Memorial looks like something straight out of Athens. Situated in a busy urban area, the monument was erected in 1922 to celebrate and honor the Garden State’s role in the First World War.

The piece de resistance is the 9-foot tall bronze statue known as Liberty in Distress by Frederick William MacMonnies. The sculpture depicts Lady Liberty a top a 5-foot base of green marble. She is draped in the French flag and in her arms is a dying male soldier.

Go see Atlantic City’s oldest slot machine

Let’s face it- what’s Atlantic City without a little gambling? Or in this case, a little history lesson of the city’s storied relationship with gambling. In Resorts Casino, you will find the Atlantic City’s first-ever slot machine. The machine has remained in good condition, while many of its counterparts have since been junked since gambling was legalized in the city Casino Control Act of 1977.

For years, gambling was illegal in the city but online gambling was soaring with the introduction of in the market. And yet, New Jersey’s and AC’s fame, in particular, traversed the states. People would travel from far and wide just to experience the city in all its glory. Relieve these days by seeing this relic. It stands protected by Plexiglas at the entrance of Resorts Casino.

Experience East Coast gambling

When people envision Atlantic City, casinos and gambling are some of the first things to come to mind. In particular, Atlantic City boasts at least 10 elite casinos that include Harrah’s, Caesars, the Borgata, and the newly opened Hard Rock. Visiting some of these might just be the highlight of your entire trip. You can check out all the different types of games provided to you in this gambling hub. In addition, you can increase your chance of winning these games by developing skills that can come in handy while you are trying out your luck. Online Gambling with Skills can help you beat some of those odds and win bigger than you might have expected.

No two casinos are alike in Atlantic City, which is why the city has earned the title of the Gambling Capital of the East Coast. Rather than experience one casino, why not do a tour of all the city’s casinos? Even if you don’t stay to gamble, the atmosphere itself is mesmerizing.

Not up to visiting a brick and mortar casino? There are often many online Wettanbieter (betting providers) for your betting niche wherever you are located, but if you are in Atlantic City specifically, you will find that the city boasts a prevalence of gaming sites that have a broad range of table games and slots, as well as the newly legalized sports betting. You can also check out related websites like Sports Betting America to see how else you can bet when you’re in the mood.

Pay your respects at the Clara Glen Pet Cemetery

Regarded as one of the oldest pet cemeteries in the entire country, the Clara Glen Pet Cemetery was founded by a husband and wife duo that loved their pets almost as much as anyone would love their child known as Clara and Glen White. The couple took care of more than 40 dogs, hundreds of cats and 300 rabbits.

Finding no pet cemetery that was willing to accommodate their high standards for their little furries, they opted to start their own pet cemeteries. Soon enough, friends started to request for their pets to be buried there and that is how the cemetery came to be. Today, some pretty famous pets are buried here including Paradiddle Ben who has one of the most outstanding tombstones in the yard.

Final Thoughts

Imagine an archetypal beach vacation complete with one of the most popular boardwalks and saltwater taffy. Throw in a touch of Vegas and what you have is Atlantic City-America’s favorite playground.

Since gambling was legalized back in the 70s, the city has been attracting visitors interested in trying their luck at many of its world-class casinos. Today, though, the city has a little bit of everything for everyone, making it a number one choice for anyone looking to vacation on the East Coast.