Today feels weird. I feel different. There is something in the air…a feeling of confusion. A feeling of unease. A feeling of community.


I admit it, I went shopping.  I bought a LOT of stuff. Medicines, paper goods, food (fresh, canned and frozen). I felt embarrassed a few days ago when I made my first run. I got a few funny “that crazy girl” looks when I bought over $200 in medicine and soap from my local CVS. Today that CVS has been wiped clean. I don’t feel so embarrassed today.


I went to our local grocery store – Giant Eagle. I use their pay and go system. I use the portable scanner. I scan my items and bag them as I shop. I scan my portable scanner at the register to pay and go. It is so easy. When I opened the app to scan my membership card this is what I found. They are limited people hoarding already.


When we woke up this morning I sat my kids down for a heart to heart. I asked when what they new about the virus. I explained how this is a sickness that lots of people have gotten and are going to get. That most people will get better just like when we get a cough or the flu. But sadly others will not get better. I told them we have to stay inside our home a lot more now. This is so we don’t get the sickness and spread it to the people we love, the people who may not get better from this virus. They sort of get it. They know they don’t want the people in our family and friends group to get it. I don’t want to induce fear or panic in my children. That would not help any of this. I want them to be aware of coughing people. I want them to really improve in their hand washing. I want them to learn to respect me as their temporary teacher.


Today is the first day of no school for children for my kids. This mandated halt in education for the state of Ohio doesn’t officially start until next Tuesday – March 17 2020.  My school district decided to make it effective immediately.  I stopped into my daughters elementary school. I wanted to grab her math book and her writing journal. The people in the office told me that they teacher will be reaching out to us parents by email with the game plan.  I asked if I could just run back to her class room and get the couple things. I was not allowed. They had to take my daughter to the classroom while I waited in the office. I was considered an outsider. Someone who was not welcome in the school. I am her mom. I volunteer here often. The staff knows me by name. But now I am not welcomed. I am looked at like an outsider – someone who may be infected…


I don’t home school for a reason, it just isn’t in my blood. I have a hard time being a teacher and not the mom. Now I have to overcome my lack of comfort with the idea of homeschooling my kids. I have to become the teacher if I want them to stay up on their studies and not regress.


I tried to be the teacher, it was hard. After we talked about the virus I told them how I am going to be their teacher moving forward. I told them I will tell them when I put on my “teacher hat” that I am to be treated and respected. To behave around me how they behave around their school teacher. I can “clip” them up or down on the behavior chart, just like at school. I comforted them that we will only be doing a small amount of school each day, not an all day curriculum. We will just do some math, some reading and some writing. I am also choosing to add in a supplemental bible study each day. This will all take less an 1 hour. That is my game plan at least.

This are not normal. They will not be back to normal for a long time. This is going to get worse before it gets better. I fully believe this.

During this time I will choose to lean on my faith. My whole being knows that Christ is my savior. I will continue to pray and look to His word for direction at this time.

1 John 4:18  (NASB) There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.

25 Comments on CoVid-19 Journal – March 13, 2020

  1. Thank you! so much to learn about what to have on hand to protect ourselves as best we can.

  2. I will feel a lot better when Washington does something to help out all the people living paycheck to paycheck!

  3. I will feel a lot better when Washington does something to help all of the people living paycheck to paycheck!

  4. Sadly my job took away all my hours for the rest of the month. In this time I believe that Jesus has everything, including my life, under control. Just keep praying. 🙂

  5. I think that we’re all the same way. We went shopping, but some of the products that we needed weren’t available. It’s a pretty scary time.

  6. Scary days we are living and I see it getting worse before better. This is a helpful article.

  7. It is a very scary time. I am 66 years old and have Diabetes. My husband is 72 and suffers from high blood pressure. Our two children have done all the grocery shopping and errands so we don’t have to leave the house. They have been taking good care of us. Wishing everyone good health and stay safe!

  8. So many changes. I’m at the end of my first week staying home. I’m at high risk so I’m just staying home. Glad my grocery store delivers.

  9. Since I am high risk I only leave to go to dialysis. My teenage son is completely bored and were only in week two of no school.

  10. My problem is, my major grocery store is a hour away. The limit on meat is 2 packages. How in the world am I suppose to drive a hour every 2 days for more meat.

  11. Thank you for sharing your story. We are taking it day by day and limiting trips to the grocery store.

  12. Things haven’t changed too much here. I still babysit my granddaughters and the weather has been nice enough to play outside alot

  13. I had a hard enough time with homework with my four sons. I could not imagine having to home school like parents have to do now. This will be a time these kids will never forget.

  14. We all need to stay calm and practice sensible everyday things . As a nation we all come together to help one another. IT IS A BAD TIME BUT NICE TO SEE [EOPLE STANDING TOGETHER AND STOPPING THE RACIAL STUFF . gOD BLESS ALL AND STAY WELL .

  15. We were lucky to buy the 36-pack of toilet paper the week before all of this happened. We haven’t been able to find any anywhere, so I’m thankful we have that and some Lysol. Stay safe!

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