Our skin is punished every day by so many things all around us. We expose it to the sun, one of the most harmful things for our skin, but we’re also subjected to things that might not be in our control like the humidity and heat or even pollutants in the air. What is in our control, however, is how we look after our skin, and how we treat it when it is dry. Here are 5 quick and effective home tips on treating dry skin.

It Starts with Diet

As with most things when it comes to our health, the things we eat and drink form the basis for any good healthcare routine. Making sure our diets are well balanced and we get all of the recommended vitamins and minerals is the cornerstone to a skincare routine too.

You’ll want to load up on the vitamins – and in particular, you’ll want to get plenty of vitamin C because collagen, the skin’s most important and primary protein, needs vitamin C to be produced. Vitamin A is also important for the health of your skin, so pack your diet with vegetables like carrots and squash, and fruits like papaya.

Limit Bath and Shower Times

Soaking in the tub is a wonderful way to relax, but it’s not as good for your skin as it is for your mind. Spending too much time in the shower or bath might put you at risk of stripping away natural oils on the skin, which are important to keep the skin moisturized. It’s not just the time in the water either – it’s the temperature too. Try to keep that hot faucet as low as possible and aim for a lukewarm, rather than a hot shower or bath. It will also help to use good products like the best dim supplement for clear skin regularly.

Watch What Soaps You Use

Not all soap is created equal, and some can be harsh on your skin if you are prone to dryness. If you can, you’ll want to avoid soaps or products that contain perfumes and deodorants, and especially soaps that contain alcohol, as these can also contribute to skin dryness. Try and look for a fragrance-free or natural soap, or even soap-free cleansers. Look for products from organic brands like Handmade Naturals; they often have shower & bath products as well as skincare, plus haircare too. Try to use natural products as far as possible, and if you can get them all from the same place, even better!

While we’re on the subject of soaps, take some time to examine your sponge or washcloth. Ideally, throw them out and don’t use them at all, but if you just can’t do that, then use them with a light touch and without applying too much pressure.

Use Natural Products to Moisturize

Here’s where you’ll need to do some experimenting in a routine that works for you. Most importantly, avoid harsh chemicals and try and find natural products that can aid you in keeping your skin well moisturized and looking good. Natural products are usually lighter and can, therefore, be used both morning and evening before bed without leaving you with a heavy greasy feeling that you might get from some thick creams.

You can try a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid which is designed to be an intensive moisturizing product, and often a really great addition to your skincare product list.

Stop Scratching!

This is probably the simplest thing to say, but the most difficult thing to do. Stop scratching your skin! Carry a small moisturizer to rub on any itchy spots or, even better, use a cold compress to quickly relieve it.

By now, you’ve probably realized that dealing with dry skin isn’t the long and complicated process you might have thought. While dry skin isn’t necessarily a problem on its own, it can lead to things like eczema, which can be a real irritation. Simple maintenance and upkeep on your skincare routines can go a long way to helping ensure your skin stays in great shape well into your golden years.