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What Do You Do If Your Parents Can’t Live Alone?

Picture the scene: you’re heading to your job every day, you come home to your children at night, you spend Friday nights having a good time with your friends, your weekends are packed with activities.


And then you get a phone call: your mother or father has had a fall, and they can’t live alone anymore.


You knew they were getting old. You knew that they were a little unsteady on their feet. And now you are faced with a choice. Do they come to live with you, or do you place your parent in a nursing home for round-the-clock care? It’s not an easy decision to make, but it’s one that most families talk about before the time comes. Plenty of elderly parents don’t want to live in nursing homes because of the horror stories in the news. They read about individuals in care homes needing the help of the best Rosenfeld nursing home abuse lawyers available. They read about being left forgotten about by their children, and that doesn’t inspire confidence with moving into a nursing home. But popular in home care is a growing avenue to consider.



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Your option, then, is to bring your elderly parent home to live with you. Whether you choose to cover their costs of living or just provide a roof over their head is up to you. There may not be any vacations abroad, but you’re going to be able to look after them. A simple fall can cause all kinds of complications for an older person, but being in your presence and the presence of any grandchildren can do more for their recovery than any number of medicines and physical therapy classes. You get the chance to be in their lives and ensure that they don’t get hurt – and this is a privilege. Nevertheless, if you don’t have that privilege, you may want to Look for carer in London or wherever you’re based to provide them with the best care possible.


The one thing to know is that if you decide not to take your parents home with you, this isn’t the wrong decision. You can’t make the wrong choice here. Life is busy, and if you don’t have the space to add another person to your home, you can’t help that. It’s a conversation that you must have with your parents before they become too frail and can’t manage to get around on their own. You need to know their wishes, and you should ensure that if you plan to have them move in with you, you have the space available.


We all subconsciously prepare for our parents to become old and infirm, but we need to make a decision about what we want to do when that happens. Ensure that your parents are a part of the conversation, and you’ll never have to worry about what happens later. You deserve to consider yourself and what you can handle in this equation, too. If you can’t cope with the idea of having an elderly parent living at home, this doesn’t make you a bad person. Whichever decision you make, ensure that you know where there is help available for you and your parents to lean on.


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