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Did you just have a baby? First of all, congratulations! An exciting milestone, you have many happy years ahead with your little one. Now is the time, however, to follow the right postpartum care to ensure that you are healthy – both mentally and physically. So much has changed within your body, so it’s important that you adjust to motherhood in the best ways possible.


It is, of course, a learning curve – and something that every new mom will do differently. Therefore, you should try to not put too much pressure on yourself. You’ll make a fantastic mother, no matter what. But to get off on the best foot, you need to look after yourself.


To help with this process, here are 7 postpartum tips that you can use:



  • Rest Well and Relish the Experience of Becoming a Mother.



It’s no secret that throughout the first few weeks and months sleep might seem like a thing of the past – you most likely won’t enjoy 8 hours of solid sleep until your baby reaches the age of 1.


But as a new mom, it’s very important that you can get as much rest as possible to help cope with the fatigue and tiredness. Of course, you’ll still have to get up every 3 hours or so to feed and comfort your newborn. But when your baby sleeps, try and get some rest too when you can.


Chances are if you and your partner don’t get enough rest, you’ll become overwhelmed by the exhaustion and tensions can grow in your relationship. To help prevent this from happening, try and do the following:


  • Split the responsibility between yourself, your partner and family members. Although you’re the mom, you need support throughout the first few weeks and months so that you can get enough sleep to function properly.
  • Keep the baby close to you throughout the night (in a co-sleeping cot or similar) so that you don’t have to walk too far throughout the night.
  • Try to limit the number of social events in the first few weeks or so, this will be exhausting for you and the baby.

In addition, while you may wish to get adequate sleep, you may also discuss the idea of family photography Portland or wherever you reside. For new parents, the first few months after the baby’s birth are incredibly special. And given that it has taken you nine months to feel that way, you might want to record it so you can remember it forever.


  • Exercise



When your doctor says that it’s alright to start exercising again, it’s time to get out and enjoy the fresh air! Of course, this activity shouldn’t be too strenuous – you don’t want to damage your body or anything. In fact, your body might already be suffering from damage caused by labor and childbirth. If you think you might be dealing with symptoms of Diastasis Recti, you can learn more about diastasis recti symptoms here.
But a simple walk in the fresh air in your neighborhood will help to increase your energy levels, clear your mind and give you a break from the four walls of your home.



  • Discover The Power of Magnesium



Magnesium is important postpartum – but many people don’t know the benefits that come with it or how you can take it. Not only can magnesium help with frustrating issues such as breastfeeding aversion, but it can also help to treat postpartum preeclampsia and postpartum depression. The most common way to safely take it, is by using topical application – such as a body lotion.



  • Eat Healthy



After you’ve given birth, it’s vital that you eat healthily. Ensuring that you have all of the key nutrients and avoid coffee and alcohol, if you’re breastfeeding, your baby too will be healthier. You can also promote healing after birth by increasing your intake of whole gains, protein, fruits and vegetables – as well as increasing the amount of fluid that you drink.



  • Ask For Help When You Need It



As mentioned above, postpartum can be a very stressful time filled with exhaustion and getting used to this new stage in your life. Which is why it’s so vital that you ask for help along the way when you need it. Pregnancy is never easy, but the changes that occur after the birth can be even more difficult.


If you need some support, don’t be afraid to ask for it – that’s what family and friends are there for after all. Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, even if it’s just for the little things such as putting on a wash, cleaning the house or looking after your newborn for an hour or so when you catch up on some sleep. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed and stressed. So practice some self-care and ease the amount of responsibility you have.



  • Purchase Postpartum Clothes



Throughout your pregnancy, you would have bought tons of maternity clothes. But you might not have thought about what you would wear after the baby was born. Postpartum clothes are items of clothing that you feel comfortable in, in the few weeks or months after your little one is born.


It’s no secret that your body will change throughout this time, so it’s worth investing in some key items – whether that be flowy dresses or loose fitting jeans that you feel like yourself in.



  • Join A Group For New Moms



No one knows the struggles and emotions that you’re feeling as a new mom better than other moms. Which is why it’s a good idea to join a support group specifically for new mothers. Discussing what you feel and how your

coping with someone that’s going through the same thing will help you to clear your mind and realize that you’re not the only one going through it.

Final Thoughts


So, there you go! Those are 7 postpartum tips that you can use as a new mom. However, you need to keep in mind that every new mom is different. And what works for one new mom, might not work for another. It’s a stage in life that no one can be truly prepared for. No matter how organized you might feel, there are certain things that will change throughout the next few months as you adjust to motherhood.


Pregnancy is undeniably a stage in life that everyone copes with differently. But if you go into this next stage feeling as though you have the right support and that you’re doing the best thing for both yourself and your baby, you’ll feel a lot better about the process.