There are all kinds of ways you can begin creating the rustic decor you’ve wanted for so long, whether working with a professional or going about this yourself. Below, you’ll find advice that will both help you to create rustic pieces yourself and things you’ll likely need a pro to help you with. 


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Make A Coffee Table/Shelves Out Of Old Pallets And Boxes

Old wooden pallets, boxes, and crates make the perfect addition to any rustic home and they are the perfect DIY tool. You can get creative and make so many things out of them! You could create a coffee table, shelves for your wall, and even bedside tables. People have even made headboards and beds out of them! Couple that with a stylish coat stand, shoe cabinet, or other functional wooden furnishings, and they will fit right at home in your new rustically ravishing space.


Get Mason Jar Happy 

Mason jars in the kitchen and bathroom can make a great way to store items and keep that rustic feel up. Paint them yourself and tie them with string and then store your beauty products or coffee away nicely. 


Expose A Wall 

The rustic look wouldn’t be as rustic without a nice exposed wall. This is something you can do with the help of a restoration contractor, remodeling and renovation contractor. They will be able to assess your space and let you know what’s possible. However, if you don’t have the time or money for this, you could always invest in wallpaper that looks rustic enough to do the job! 


Use Plenty Of Natural Materials 

Use natural materials around the home such as wood, linen, brick, and so on. It makes the biggest difference and always adds to the rustic vibe. 


Show Off Your Books 

If you have a love of books, don’t be afraid to show them off. Make or purchase a book case and create a reading nook, even. 



Select A Soft/Neutral Color Scheme

The rustic look usually involves a soft, neutral color scheme. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean an all white or cream color scheme – shades of blush, dove grey, and nudes can work so well and create a pastel rustic haven. 


In some cases, you might even find it appropriate to throw some burnt colors in there, such as orange and mustard. Navy can also work really well with a rustic theme! 


Include Plants 

No rustic theme is complete without real plants. Incorporate them wherever possible to bring the outdoors in and make your home more beautiful and more healthy in a flash. 


Have A Real Fire 

If you can install a real fire, that’s really going to help you to achieve a rustic vibe. If you can’t you could always invest in an electric one (which is easier to look after and doesn’t require a chimney). They look amazing and will finish off any rustic decor nicely. 


Rustic decor is something you can begin creating yourself now using plants, crates, and natural materials. What else will you add to your home to create the rustic look? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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