Scaffolding may be something you are interested in if you require any work carried out on your property. Scaffolding is an essential part of securing a worksite and offering access to areas that are hard to reach. Start by considering an equipment rental to cut costs. Below, we are going to take a look at some of the different types of scaffolding work for homeowners and the cost.


Do you require scaffolding for a semi-detached home? This is often a requirement when homeowners need roofing work done. In such instances, a fairly elaborate scaffold structure is called for, as you will need three sides of your house covered in scaffolding. In most cases, this will cost somewhere in the region of £650 to £850 if you need the steelwork erected to gutter height with one walkway level and lift. However, this does depend on whereabouts you are based, as some scaffolding will cost more depending on the area. You will also need to pay more for any additional levels. Perhaps you need repair work on your chimney? If your chimney stack is unstable or cracked, you will need scaffolding to access and secure it. However, you don’t necessarily need it wrap the entire house, just the four sides of the stack. You may also need scaffolding if you are having a structure erected next to your property, be it an a-frame carport or an extension. Finally, one of the most common requirements for scaffolding is for gutter repairs. This is a small job, but small jobs aren’t extremely cheap, as it still takes time and uses equipment. Except to pay a few hundred pounds for a single, vertical tower.


Are You Being Quoted A Fair Price?


Scaffolding differs wildly in price, as the jobs are so diverse. For example, the cost of scaffolding a chimney is going to be much different when compared with a tower to gutter height. For the former, all four sides of the chimney need to have scaffolding wrapped around them. The latter involves a simple tower erected at gutter height, and thus is likely to be around a third of the price.


So, if you feel you are being charged a quote that is too high, it is important to consider all of the variables that come together to determine the price before you complain or look elsewhere. Firstly, how long you need the scaffold for will have an impact on how much the scaffolding firm in question charges. In most cases, scaffold is hired out for 6-8 weeks at a fixed price. After this, you will pay rent on a weekly basis. How many levels there are and how high the scaffold needs to go also play a role. Each level requires access ladders and handrails, which equates to more money. Not only do you need to consider height from a purely number’s perspective, but if there are unusual circumstances, for example, a public walkway or a narrow alleyway, you can expect to be charged a bit more. In fact, any type of unusual requirements impact price. Another primary cost factor is your location. Finally, general access issues should also be considered. Access problems can slow down the project, which in turn means it will cost more.