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Renting or Buying: Which Is Best?

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We all need a roof over our heads. This is a basic human need! But when it comes to housing, there are so many different factors that can come into where we live that the process of finding the perfect property for you and your family can be a relatively difficult decision making process. Now, when we are talking about finding the best house to suit your needs, we generally consider a whole range of factors varying from location to size to number of rooms, whether it has an outdoor space or not, what amenities are nearby, and much more. But a question that many of us should take into consideration is whether to rent or buy a house that we will ultimately end up living in. Many of us fall into one category or another by chance or due to influences around us and perhaps how our own parents went about things. But the truth is, renting and buying suit different people and it’s best to consider this before getting on the property chain or considering moving from one place to another!




Many of us automatically assume that buying is the best option. This is understandable. Rather than essentially paying someone else’s mortgage on their behalf, you invest in a property that you get to keep when you buy. Instead of paying monthly rent payments that you never see again, you pay mortgage payments towards a property that you will ultimately own and which you can sell down the line for profit or you can hand down to future generations. Buying also gives you stability for your family – as long as you can keep up with your mortgage repayments, you don’t have to leave the space you’re living in. When you rent, the landlord can sell or end your tenancy once your contract is up rather than renewing it. However, buying can be a difficult process. You have to save a deposit and once you’ve settled for a chosen home, you may have to wait for others in the buying chain to secure deals before they can move out and you can move in. If you’re buying, use the services of, who will be able to help make the process easier and more straightforward.




Of course, renting can be a great option for many people too. If you’re not 100% sure that the place you’re currently in is where you want to lay down anchor, renting gives you a roof over your head while you take time to figure out what direction you’re taking. It’s much easier to finish a rental lease and move than to sell an entire property and move. Just make sure that you get a good landlord who will take their responsibilites seriously and who is fair. Always remember your rights and don’t hesitate to take action if they are being broken!


As you can see, there are pros that come hand in hand with buying and renting. Only you will know which best suits you and your family!

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