Every parent wants to see their child live a healthy and active lifestyle. With 1 in 5 kids in the US now suffering from obesity, it is important that we help our youngsters to find sports that they enjoy. These days, most parents tend to instill the love for sports within the minds of their children as it is a great way to be fit. And in these modern times, the more help they can get to enjoy exercise, the better.

A good choice in this respect can help them to stay fit and healthy for the rest of their life. So, what are some of the very best sports that you should encourage your child to try? Remember that it should be something that they enjoy and also get health benefits from.

Swimming for Overall Strength and Fitness

Swimming is a sport that is ideal for anyone of any age. It is low impact, so they build up strength and fitness levels without the same risk of injury that is present in many other sports.

It is worth noting that the benefits found in swimming aren’t just limited to the swimmer’s physical health. It is also associated with mental health benefits such as lower stress levels and a more relaxed state of mind.

This is probably a good choice for a child that isn’t particularly competitive and doesn’t feel comfortable in rougher sports.

Football for a Great Career

More competitive kids might like the rough and tumble aspects of football. Despite the fact that while every parent worries about their little one getting injured, this is a great sport for making them stronger and tougher.

As a parent, it is important to understand that you can do little to prevent the injuries they inevitably may suffer from due to sports, it is all a part of the package. You can, however, look for a good pediatric physical therapist who can help your child recover quickly and jump safely back in.

Moreover, the physical side of football is very important, which is why NFL players dedicate so many hours of each week to lifting weights. Yet, they also need to learn numerous tactical plays and strategies as well.

Of course, an ambitious child may dream of rising through the college football rankings and then getting drafted in the NFL. If they are talented and work incredibly hard then this can be a fantastic way to get a lucrative career out of something that they love doing.

Running for Strength and Endurance

This sport is perfect for building up strength and endurance. Since it can be carried out as a solitary pursuit, it may suit children who perhaps aren’t keen on taking part in team sports. It is something that matches the personality of some youngsters perfectly. They may enjoy the sense of freedom and the sense of achievement that comes from running a good time or completing a longer distance than usual.

It is a good, overall body workout but the benefits run deeper than that. Running can help them to increase their self-confidence and learn the importance of motivation, among other things.

Gymnastics for Coordination and Artist Flair

This is a sport that offers a surprising number of health benefits. As well as improved flexibility and strength, it also builds up bone strength and boosts coordination.

Discipline is crucial in this sport, so it can be a terrific help in showing a youngster how to approach any sport as well as life in general.

Gymnastics is an ideal choice for an energetic youngster with a touch of artistic flair. It can be an incredibly satisfying pastime that gives them some wonderful moments and achievements if they work hard at it.

What Do They Prefer to Do?

Of course, your child may want to do a sport just “because”. The best approach is to help your kid find out what they are most interested in doing. Then let them give it a try. Why not get them tickets for baseball games or an ice hockey game and let them see how it’s played? That could help them decide if they want to pursue that sport


Of course, this is just a short list of some of the most popular sports for children. There are plenty of sports out there from horse riding to badminton which don’t see the limelight but can be quite good for your child.

If the sport is tough for whatever reason, don’t let them throw in the towel immediately. Learning a new sport can be a valuable lesson in perseverance and motivation. If they realize over time that the sport really isn’t for them, it is time to look for a different activity that might be better for them.