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Are You Ready To Transition To The 3rd Trimester?

Many months separate the first joy and excitement of the pregnancy with the moment you finally get to meet your baby. In many ways, moms-to-be find the third trimester the most difficult to handle. Indeed, between week 29 and week 40 – aka the seventh, eighth, and ninth months of your pregnancy – the feeling of tiredness is omnipresent. By that point, fetal development is almost complete. In other words, now the baby’s primary focus is to gain weight and grow until there’s no more room in the amniotic sac. To put it in clear terms, for the future mommy, it’s an uncomfortable period during which you struggle with exhaustion, and unease of movements. If it is your first pregnancy, you might also be unsure as to when your baby will arrive. Indeed, your body is not a clock, and it is highly unlikely that you give birth on your due date – only 5% of babies are born on the due date. The transition to the 3rd trimester is physically and emotionally challenging. 

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Staying cool when nothing feels comfortable

The last trimester is always the most demanding for mothers. But for anybody who’s going through their third trimester now, smart summer pregnancy tips can dramatically help to improve your comfort. In a way, you are in luck because now is the best season for cozy maternity wear such as maxi dresses. You’ll find it easier to put together a cute outfit in summer when there’s an abundance of breezy dresses and skirts to survive the hot temperatures! Your body needs help to cool down, so you need to stay hydrated, either by drinking a lot of water or also by going swimming, which can alleviate the pressure on your belly. Additionally, don’t be tempted by unhealthy snacks to stay cool. Now just during the postpartum recovery period, eating nutritious and seasonal food is the best way to fuel your body with energy. 


Maternity clothes are a must

If you’ve managed to go through the first two trimesters of your pregnancy with oversized clothes, now’s the time to finally buy maternity outfits that can help you to hold your tummy. Indeed, the last trimester is all about growth, so you need to select outfits that offer support. You should also be on the lookout for breastfeeding bras as your breasts are close to their postpartum size and shape at that point. Be aware that your body doesn’t bounce back in shape immediately after the birth. You will be wearing your maternity clothes for a little while. 


Sleeping is tricky but not impossible

The last few months of your pregnancy will be the most testing in terms of comfort. A lot of moms-to-be experience sleep deprivation during the third trimester already, as a result of extreme exhaustion, frequency of urination, and the difficulty to get comfortable. Unfortunately, there is no miracle solution. Back pain and muscle aches can cause significant sleep disturbances as well as the weight of your tummy. A pregnancy pillow can decrease your discomfort and help you to sleep. Additionally, you need to get used to falling asleep quickly, as it will be a life-saving skill to catch some zzz’s when your baby is born! 


In many ways, the third trimester offers an overview of what you need to expect during the postpartum period. From your outfit to keeping your body healthy and catching up on some sleep, a lot of the tips you develop now will be useful for many months to come! 


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