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Whether you need some quick ideas before the school year is out or you’re already planning for next year, there are tons of things you can do to help with your kids’ school or sports team fundraising efforts and spend some time with the family too, so try using a GoFundMe fundraiser.



What more beautiful thing is there to do in the summer than get your bike out and go for a lovely bike ride? This is a great one for the summer months and for everyone to get involved in. What’s lovely about a bike-a-thon is that anyone can take part and most of the participants will already have bikes. Parents can ride with their kids; teachers can ride with their classes; it gives everyone a common goal and can bond people together. Also, don’t forget that bike-a-thons are great exercise too and if you do a bit of training beforehand then there’s even more reason to get fit and get out enjoying the outdoors on your bike.


Tough Mudder

These muddy challenges have become extremely popular of late and could be an enjoyable thing to do with kids, parents, teachers, coaches, etc. It is fun for everyone, it’s fun for the kids to see the adults get muddy, everyone loves the obstacles, and you could get people to sponsor you for doing it. Get some team shirts from End Zone Athletics so that you can show people you’re a team and who you’re raising money for. 


Family Bingo Night

This is another one which is fun for all the family. A family bingo night in the local community or at school gets everyone involved, and if everyone has to pay a small amount for a ticket, then it’s a great money-maker too. People might even want to buy more than one ticket. 


Talent show

Everyone loves a talent show and with all the ones on TV now there are so many ideas to take from The Voice, America’s Got Talent, Lip Sync Battles, and Idol. All you need to do is add a fundraising element, so charge people to attend or tease people with a secret talent you will unveil if you get enough money such as your Principal riding a unicycle while juggling (if they can). You could have a load of secret talents to tease out throughout the evening and get more and more money to reveal them. 



Auctions are a great way to raise money and can be so cheap too. Either get people to donate prizes or even better get people to donate services. So people could auction off a couple of hours babysitting, ironing 20 shirts, cooking for someone, cleaning someone’s house. There are loads of things you can auction off and the more absurd, the better. It makes for a great night of fun, bonding again with students, kids, teachers, parents, and coaches, it will get the whole community involved, and if you take your auction online you’ll get even better results!

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