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9 Ways You Can Increase Your Home’s Value in 2019

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home this year so you can sell up and make a great return on your investment, this guide is going to help you. Some of these suggestions are easier than others, while some may take longer and cost more money. Regardless, selecting a few off this list will mean making a bigger return on your home when it comes to sell it. Take a look and see what you can do! 


  1. Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint 

Adding a fresh coat of paint is super simple and something you don’t need any outside help to do. Depending on your home and what you want, you could just do the interior or the outside.

  1. Hire A Cleaner 

Hiring a cleaner means getting all of your carpets professionally cleaned, and making your home look and smell great. You could do this yourself, but if you have any stains and smells it’s going to be difficult to get rid of them as well as a cleaner.  Or, best case scenario, you can also try this service


  1. Invest In More Storage

More storage tends to improve functionality and cut down on clutter, which is what many homeowners want these days. If you can create more storage space buyers will be into this. 



  1. Make Important Repairs 

Don’t put off important repairs or they will get worse. Make important repairs now, such as fixing your roof with Mr Roof (this is an element many sellers forget about), fixing any draughts and leaks, and ensuring other issues are not going to bring down the value of your home. It’s a good idea to get help so that you don’t end up spending more in the long run after you make a mistake. 


  1. Dedicate Time To Your Curb Appeal

Your garden also needs to look great, as well as your windows, doors, and even your car. You might not be selling your car, but it adds to a great polished image that will make a wonderful first impression on any potential buyer. 


  1. Update Appliances

Update your appliances if you’ve had them for a while. A new boiler, oven, or other type of appliance can instantly make your home more attractive. 


  1. Depersonalize Your Home

If you’re going to be showing your home soon, depersonalizing it will make it more valuable. Not everybody has the same style, so decorating your home in a more neutral way gives the potential buyers a chance to use their imagination as they view the space. Use neutral colors and take away things like family photos and kids toys. 


  1. Renovate Your Kitchen/Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms in the house deemed the most important. If you can only afford to make changes to a few rooms, make it these two! 


  1. Integrate Smart Technology 

Smart technology might not be in every house right now, but it’s the way the world is going. By installing this technology your home will be future-proof, and this can be very attractive to potential buyers. 

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