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Smart Ways To Make More Time for Momma

Whether you have a newly born baby, a teenager, or a child of an age in between, one thing is a given when you are a mom, and it’s that you will be busy! In fact, what with all the worldly responsibilities, and worrying you do as a momma, it can feel as if there is precious little time to dedicate to yourself! Happily, there are some tactics you can use to carve more time for your own rest and recuperation during the day. Keep reading to find out what they are.


Plan your days


OK, so regimenting your days down to the last millisecond is not likely to help you rest or recuperate more during the day. In fact, it can just add another load to your already breaking back. Instead when I say schedule what I actually mean is have a plan for what you want to achieve each day, even on weekends.


Of course, it’s probably wise to accept that it’s unlikely that you will get every, single thing done. In fact, it can be particularly helpful to highlight the three most important things and focus on completing them. Then, even if you don’t cross every on your ‘to-do’ list off, you have still kept the family afloat, and achieved something each day. Something that can make it much easier to allow yourself to take some downtime when you are in need.  

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Additionally, treating yourself to a cute planner, and keeping track of your goals, and appointments for the day can be a fantastic way of staying organized. In fact, you can use it as a place to plan out what you want to get done and to check in on your progress through the day as well. This being something that can make you feel much more organized and also help you to schedule in some downtime regularly as well as work tasks too.


Offload some tasks


Another smart way of making more time for momma each day is to identify some tasks that you can get someone else to do. Yes, I’m talking about offloading these jobs onto a professional, something that is not only legitimate if you are a busy mom but may also be a lot more reasonably priced than you think.


In fact, if you are super smart about it, you can offload the tasks that not only take up a lot of time but that you don’t particularly enjoy as well! Of course, cleaning the home, and doing the laundry tend to top this list, time after time. Happily, there are plenty of places like J & G Laundromat that will not only wash and fold your laundry for you but will pick it up and deliver it as well. Something that, for most busy moms will free up a vast swath of time in their week, if not every day!

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Don’t forget that you also have the opportunity to employ a professional company to come around and deal with the cleaning tasks in your home too. In fact, if you live in a sizeable property, you can save a considerable amount of time by doing this, especially if you ask them to do the more laborious and more time-consuming jobs such as washing and polishing floors.


Get the kids to chip in


Additionally, depending on the age of your kids, you may want to get them to chip in with the chores around the home as well. In fact, assigning chores to teenagers can be not only a great way of reclaiming a little more time for yourself but can also be a fantastic way of teaching them responsibility.


Of course, many parents also link their children’s’ allowance to the timely completion of their chores as well, which can provide the added bonus of helping them to understand the value of hard work. Something that makes this method a winner, all around in my opinion.


Prioritize social events (sensibly)


Time to be social with your SO and your friends is an essential part of taking care of your wellbeing as a mom. However, you must learn to schedule your social events sensibly, so you have enough time to recover and tend to your own needs in between. After all, if you spend all of your time looking after your kids, and then seeing friends, you will have none in which to rest and recuperate, something you will need to be effective and to enjoy the other two tasks.

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To that end, it’s very wise to not say yes to every single invitation you are given. Additionally, if you are feeling pressed for time and energy, you may wish to limit the social events you do attend to ones that truly matter to you, provide you with energy, or are associated with those to which you are closest. The reason being that while making new friends can be a lot of fun, if your life is already overflowing it may not be the best time for this.


Dial down the distractions


Finally, if you are a busy mom that is looking for more time to herself each day, it may be useful to dial back the distractions you currently use in your life. OK, so you won’t actually be freeing up any more time objectively, but what you will be doing is creating the illusion of more time, because you will have less sensory overload bombarding you.



Basically, this approach is a form of mindfulness that will allow you to better connect with what you’re doing in the present moment, as well as ‘hear yourself think’, so to speak. It’s not too difficult to achieve either. In fact, you can start right now, but turning off your TV, radio, or device as you do another task.


Then, once you get used to that, why not switch off your social media and email notifications as well? Then you will have fewer things to pull on your attention and focus as you do the tasks you have deemed to be necessary. You may just be surprised at the expansive feeling of time, and often calm that this can help produce as you go about your momma duties.


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