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Practical Tips For Baby’s First Beach Trip

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If you’re planning on a beach holiday this summer, or if you are simply planning a day trip to the beach as part of your family staycation, then we have some tips for you if you have a baby in tow. Read them and heed them to ensure both you and your baby have a safe and enjoyable time.


#1: Pack your baby essentials


There’s a checklist you need to adhere to when you’re planning to spend the day on the beach, so you are going to need a bag big enough to carry everything your little one will need. These perfect diaper bags have plenty of compartments for your baby essentials, so consider purchasing from the site or buying similar elsewhere.


In terms of the items you need to carry for your little one, you will need the expected diapers and feeding bottles, as well as a sunhat to keep them cool, sunscreen to protect their skin, a flotation device if you’re going to let them have a dip in the water, and changes of clothes to keep them comfortable. There is an extensive packing list here, so take a look, and then buy everything you know you are going to need for your day at the beach. Don’t forget to bring a beach cart to help you carry all those essentials. 


#2: Be mindful of the sun


You might enjoy spending hours under the sun, but your little one has sensitive skin. Experts recommend against slathering your child in sunscreen if they are under 6 months old, so you are going to need to find shaded areas to let your baby rest and play. However, if sun exposure can’t be avoided, or if your baby is over 6 months old, then cover him or her thoroughly with a sunscreen of 15 SPF or higher. Many stores sell baby-appropriate sunscreens, so make sure you stock up in advance.


Continue to add sunscreen throughout the day to protect your little one, and for added protection, give them light clothing to wear and a sun hat to cover any exposed skin. You might also bring along a beach tent for your baby, as these can provide shade as and when your baby needs it. For added safety, you should also avoid those times of day when the sun is at its hottest. This is usually around noontime, so consider early morning or late afternoon beach excursions for the protection of your baby.


#3: Take care in the water


There’s no harm in letting your baby have their first splish-splash in the water, but as we suggested with the packing list we mentioned, you should attach a flotation device to them for safety. You should always stay by your baby’s side too because even in shallow water, there are dangers to your child. A sudden strong current might take them further out into the water, for example, and if the flotation device becomes loose, they could fall under the water. We also recommend water shoes to keep your little one’s feet safe from any sharp objects beneath the sea, as well as a swim diaper, as these are designed to both withstand water and to contain any solids your child might unceremoniously produce while splashing around.


Final word


Children love to explore, especially when they are at a very young age, so a trip to the beach is ideal. With the water to paddle in and the sand to dig holes in, hours of fun are guaranteed. Still, you do need to look after your little one, so ensure you follow our practical tips so you can make the most of your day at the beach.


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