When you sit on your sofa for relaxing, have you ever felt that your blank walls are so lifeless and dull? Then it’s high time that you start thinking of adorning your walls with stunning wall decors. When you decorate the walls, you bring life to your home, which will otherwise be a mere building. These decors give the room the finished look.

Whatever be your taste, there are numerous options to fill up that empty space and bring out your creativity. You can embellish your walls with things of your taste and love.

Various Decors that Fill Your Walls with Life

Metal wall arts are a stunning piece of wall décor that can give a personal touch to your room. A tree or a flower metal wall art could give that touch of nature that your walls have been lacking. A wallpaper or some sort decorative painting technique will go a long way in redefining the look and feel of your room. Pick up the best old photograph that lies in the basement. Frame it with a unique but elegant and simple frame to give a vintage look to your photo. Are you an avid reader? Why not show off your best collections by placing mountable shelves on your wall?

Decors for Your Bedroom

If you love nature, why not try hanging a beach portrait in your bedroom that will be refreshing when you look at it? Try framing your best inspirational thoughts and hanging them in your bedroom walls. You will start an energetic day after you look at those motivational words. Sconces are another splendid choice of wall decor. They not only serve as a fabulous wall décor but also lightens up your dull bedroom. It will be a great choice when you don’t have space for a night lamp. A headboard wall painted in a vibrant, bold color will render a stylish look to your bedroom wall.

Wall Decors for Your Living Room

Hanging potted plants can be a great choice if you are a nature enthusiast. Just a few of them can turn your boring wall into a sleek vertical garden. Make a gallery of your best art collections to open up the cramped space. Include some of the most amazing wall art that you may have found via sites like www.nichecanvas.com, or instead, look to implement wall hangings that you had done or the best photographs that you took on previous vacations in your gallery.

Mirrors reflect the lighting and make up a room look like a larger one than it actually is. Thus, using a mirror as wall decor in a small space is the smartest option one could think of as it opens up the cramped-up space. With a bit of creativity, a mirror can become an exquisite centerpiece.

Wall panels are an awesome choice to decorate your walls that will make your dull home so unique and vibrant. Decorative 3d wall panels will add a new dimension and make your home lively. The textured 3d wall panels beside hiding wall flaws they provide protection to the walls. No doubt wall panels make your walls a focal point and transform them into extraordinary spaces.

Based on the Wall Size

Be it a small wall in your tiny sweet home or a big blank wall, staring right at you, there are a plethora of options to accentuate the look of your wall according to its requirements. You need to pick a wall art with the width that is usually the width of the wall minus 20 inches. This ensures the art work occupies the center of the wall when hung. In case you are hanging the art piece above a piece of furniture, be careful to choose one whose width doesn’t exceed that of the furniture.

Decide your Budget

There is a surplus of art wall decors in the market to choose from. If you’re keen on collecting these and hanging them on your walls, it may be a good idea to read this guide on hamiltonselway.com or other similar sites to give you a head start on what all you should look for when considering buying an art piece. And once you decide on the budget, it definitely helps you to narrow down the options. Thus, making the choice of wall decor doesn’t become a troublesome task. If you feel getting a huge artwork to match the size of your wall will poke a hole in your pocket, then go for small-sized art pieces and arrange them to give a collage-like feel.

Wall Art Height

Another important aspect of hanging a wall art is the wall art height. Imagine you have adorned your wall with a beautiful piece of art, but at a higher position. The beauty of the art will never reach the eyes of your guest, however captivating its beauty may be. So, do make it a point that you hang your art piece at the sight line that is around 60 inches above the ground. If it is against a piece of furniture, it should be in such a position that the bottom of the art is at a distance of around 8 inches from the top edge of the furniture.

Just as the size of the wall plays an important role in selecting the size of the wall art, the lighting of the space plays a part in nominating the wall décor. A darker space will not enlighten the colors in the wall art with dark shades. Similarly, you cannot go for a delicate canvas in a brighter space. You may also have to do research on different art styles that can go with your interiors. For instance, if you have an interest in installing a video art in your house, you can check out artists such as Marco Brambilla and their work to choose a similar illustration at an affordable price. Exploring available options in the market can help you make up your mind when you decide to buy the artwork.

Your Choice Matters

Never forget it is you who will be seeing the wall every day when you enter your home after a hectic day or the first thing in the morning when you wake up. So, decorating your wall according to the taste of your interior designer or someone else will go in vain very soon. Be sure to pick up things of your taste and choice. Check out this site aboriginal-art-australia.com for more ideas.

Why stop your creativity at walls? Why not your ceilings? Decorative ceiling panels will give an elegant and stylish look to your space. Go for metal ceiling tiles to render a modern or a rustic look to your ceiling.

These are just guidelines in choosing your decors. Let your creativity unwind an let it be boundless. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing wall decors. Beautify your walls with things that you love and memories that you would like to be reminded of. Do what your heart says and you will love that every moment you are gonna spends in your home.

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